Two of the features are aimed at helping you achieve a higher quality of translation and better context, and the third will help you integrate Localazy with (almost) anything!

Allow us to introduce the brand new Localazy Plugin for Figma, Context Screenshots, and Localazy Public API!

🖌️ Localazy Plugin for Figma 🔗

Figma is a popular collaborative design tool that helps us get every team member involved in the design process of our product. Every new feature and page idea born in our heads is taking its first shape in Figma and many product teams use Figma for this purpose as well.

We wondered how to help our users with the localization of their designs and came up with an idea to create the plugin for Figma.

Localazy Figma Plugin allows you to upload all the text content from a Figma file to Localazy, translate the content into as many languages as you want, and then download translated content back to Figma to create localized designs quickly.

How does it work? 🔗

Connect your project with Figma & Localazy

With Figma & Localazy, you can quickly prototype and test the consistency of your design when new languages are introduced, translate banners and other pieces of visual content, and download translated strings to use them in your project.

Just select what you want to import and get your content transferred to Localazy and back in a few clicks.

Figma Plugin is available for all users on the Autopilot plan. Learn more in the documentation or contact us if you have any questions.

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📸 Context Screenshots 🔗

Localazy now allows you to upload screenshots and link them to corresponding source keys within your project. Screenshots provide context for your translators to see how and where the source key is used and adjust the translation accordingly.

You can also tag screenshots to organize them better. Screenshots linked to a source key are then displayed to translators and reviewers to help them with context.

Localazy Context Screenshots

Screenshots OCR 🔗

We don't call ourselves Localazy just for giggles. We believe that managing translations shouldn't be a full-time job, but linking screenshots manually each time you upload them can be tedious. Well, the purpose of having an Autopilot is to hand over tasks that can be automated.

With Autopilot plan, Localazy will do most of the work for you, thanks to the magic of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Once you upload a screenshot, we scan it for strings that match your source keys and pre-select everything we can find. All you have to do then is approve the links. Thus, you can automate the search for strings but still retain complete control over the links.

Learn more about Context Screenshots and OCR in the documentation.

🕹️ Localazy Public API (beta) 🔗

We are happy to introduce a new way of integrating your projects with Localazy - the Localazy Public API. You can connect any CMS or other server-run application, import content to Localazy, and fetch translated content back. Using the API is perfect when the Localazy CLI and our prepared integrations just don't cut it.

Connecting your project with Localazy via the Localazy (REST) API is pretty straightforward. The API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts JSON-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

🔌 Currently, available API endpoint options are:

  • List details of the project
  • Import content to a project
  • Retrieve a list of available file types
  • Retrieve a list of files in the project
  • Retrieve a list of keys and translations from a file

To get started, read the documentation and let us know what you think about the new API in the comments below!

Learn more about Localazy API in the documentation

🥧 Fresh from the oven 🔗

Below, you will find various updates that don't directly affect how Localazy works, but we are happy that we have added them.

Blog comments 🔗

Yes, we now have comments on the blog! We have decided to connect our discussion forum with the blog to enable our users to comment directly on our content. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

🗨️ Make sure to sign up for our discussion forum and leave us a comment! :)

Navigating in the documentation should be easier now, thanks to the updated layout and the new search function, which allows you to jump from topic to topic seamlessly.

New documentation search

Visit the documentation now to see it in action!

Active tier indicator 🔗

To help you keep track of your source key limit, available credits, and active tier, we have added a status bar with all the vital information in one place. You will find this bar above the left menu inside Localazy.

Active tier & Localazy service status

🔧 Minor fixes and tweaks 🔗

  • LOC-3699 - Added ability to upload/download only selected parts of a document in Figma
  • LOC-3311 - Fixed save button logic in source translation edit/file management
  • LOC-3343 - Renamed "app" to "project" everywhere on the platform
  • LOC-3522 - Improved support for API files in File management