There is a dozen of tutorials on how to translate android app, however many of them are sort of complicated. Honestly, accurate Android app translation is not an easy task. All of the tutorials require quite a load of labour and do not resolve things you will have to take care of, sooner or later.

So why to choose the one from Localazy? With this tutorial, you will save a tremendous amount of time and other precious resources among your journey of mobile app localization.

Our tutorial is not the one on how to translate the mobile app entirely for free. Of course, small apps, indie, nonprofit or academic ones are something we support. And even if you are just an app waiting for its skyrocketing success, Localazy pricing is ready for single developers and small digital teams in mind. Do not worry; a small investment will pay off in no time, and you can benefit from 30 days of a free trial.

Android app translation in minutes? For sure! 🔗

Do you know what our users love about Localazy? It is a smooth integration. There are no tedious and annoying translation file handling operations at all. You can translate everything in the app, no exclusions. You can get new translations to your users in realtime using our OTA updates. You can integrate easily with our Localazy Gradle plugin. And that is just a beginning.

Translate dozens of languages at once? Yes with Localazy. 🔗

The smart secret of Localazy lies in the shared translation memory. Our ShareTM includes, by the date of this article publishing, over 15 millions of translated phrases. We can help you with a plethora of languages just from the very start. There are over five hundred ISO 639 covered languages worldwide. While it is not realistic to provide you with complete translations to all possible languages, give us a try and connect your app to Localazy. We will analyze your app strings, and you will get, instantly, a list of languages with % representation of translations you can get immediately for your review.

Localazy is more than just a machine translation 🔗

While we do utilize machine translation to aid your translation review process (and more coming soon), our automated translations are not based just on machine translations, but on actual apps and human-involved translation processes. All you get is from Localazy community.

If you decide to join Localazy ShareTM, you can benefit from it!

Three simple steps to translate Android app 🔗

Get your Localazy account 🔗

Head directly to our registration page and get your account registered in no time.

Follow the integration wizard 🔗

There are four steps which will help you integrate with Localazy.

Choose your languages and get the work done 🔗

Once integrated, Localazy will analyze your app, and in a few minutes, you will be able to add new languages, start with translation and review process.

Go above and beyond with Localazy 🔗

Our CEO and founder of Localazy, VÁCLAV HODEK, an app developer on his own, is a vetted expert from times when even an Android has not existed yet. Get the advantage and learn in our documentation. You can read blog posts on related topics such as globalization, internationalization, app monetization, international mobile app marketing and others.