When someone in Czechia tells you, "We are in the cucumber season right now," it means that business goes slow, the media are full of non-sense news such as "water in cold temperature turns into ice" - for real, and everybody is on vacation.

It's all... a bit silly.

😅 Silly season 🔗

silly season (noun) – the time of the year, usually in the summer, when the newspapers are full of stories that are not important because there is no important, especially political news. (Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary)

🥒 How does "cucumber season" translate to other cultures? 🔗

As you can see, silly season is a well-established term.  A cucumber season idiom is a fixed expression with a derived, metaphorical meaning. The source of the metaphor usually comes from the physical or cultural environment, so different languages use different idiomatic expressions.

The uneventful summer period is associated with cucumbers and cucumber picking in several other languages, such as Hungarian (uborkaszezon), Slovak (uhorková sezóna), Polish (Sezon ogórkowy) or even Hebrew (onat ha'melafefonim, "season of the cucumbers").

Source: Edifiers.sk

🚩 Make your marketing communication localized 🔗

So as you can see, one single meaning can be expressed in different ways, specific to particular cultures. Simple translation does not work and actually can cause severe confusion with your audience. What the hell is a cucumber season sale, one may ask?

Luckily, you can "kill two birds with one stone." How cruel is this idiom? 🥺 In Czech language, we only "kill two flies with one blow", that's at least a lot less messy. 😅 So, hire Localazy professionals to get some meaningful localization work done while others sleep.

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