The first was definitely a monthly subscription for storing texts on the platform, which not everybody loves, and non-sensical distribution of essential localization features to the most expensive tiers. Well, it makes sense, but only for the month-over-month revenue growth that investors love so much because of the predictability. 🙄

Well, we are in the same situation, but honestly - we do this for you, as Localazy is a dogfooded project, and you can count on us when it comes to full transparency and willingness to make you happy. While things may change, they will change in a good way.

"Making subscriptions great again." - Localazy®.

The second and more important was the tedious use of available software localization tools in general, such as too complex UI or suboptimal support for usual dev tools. Plus, the sustained requirement from the TMS providers to spend our precious time with their platform diverts our focus.

Here we come. 😎

🌍 Your localization team across the globe at your keyboard 🔗

One year later, Localazy provides the localization platform and additional translation services to both single developers and major companies worldwide.

While we are not yet at the top of the industry entangled by TMS spaghetti, reportedly tens of millions of users now enjoy and can rely on their apps, from 🎮 casual games to 🚆 railway maintenance systems. Thank you to all of the fantastic Localazy users who empowered us to shift the rooted belief that localization is a dirty job.

Making your life safer, easier and happier through localized software.

To further make internationalization, localization & translation a breeze, Localazy is now introducing a slight change to the pricing structure.

We have been experimenting with optional add-ons to find out which of them are the most loved ones for particular use cases. At the same time, we have offered all of the early birds with a promotional price of lifetime source keys (source phrases, source language strings, as you wish) to make Localazy pretty affordable.

Now it is time to perform the next round of pricing policy optimizations to bring you even better service at a great price. To fuel your app's growth, you can now use a more powerful localization engine at a better operation cost!

🔄 Towards continuous localization while you sleep 🔗

So, what's new to Localazy? Our Continuous Localization service, including the Virtual Translator, Virtual Reviewer, and Professional Translator, got strong traction and positive feedback.

Fresh startups and even large and successful companies (such as UpChain recently acquired by AutoDesk (NASDAQ:ADSK) proved that the service is well-appreciated and worthy of further development. Now, it is time to boost it and allow us to localize your software for you while you sleep peacefully. 😴

✈️ Introducing Localazy® Autopilot 🔗

Imagine that all of your internationalization, localization and translation needs are satisfied by a 🎯 one-stop-shop. That is what you can now enjoy with Localazy.

Localazy® Autopilot is a package of localization tools and translation services. With a single recurring payment, you receive all the tools your team needs and, on top of that, a fantastic amount of credits to get your app translated, renewed every month!

The process of making your app multilingual with Localazy ® is pretty straightforward:

  1. Integrate Localazy with your tech stack
  2. Choose Localazy® Autopilot as your plan
  3. Select preferred languages and let Localazy work while you sleep

📦 What does Localazy® Autopilot include? 🔗

+ All of the free core features that Localazy offers, but that goes without saying ;-)

You can get all of this for a fantastic price: $49 / month.

Too good to be true? Of course, this is a limited offer! You get not only a powerful localization platform but also the automated translation of your software. How does it sound to you?

🎁 Best add-ons bundled together for one price 🔗

Localazy® add-ons now come in comfortable feature packages, carefully tailored based on data we have received from our users. Need a feature from another plan? Feel free to contact us directly for custom pricing.

Enjoy all the benefits of advanced features within one monthly payment.

🤩 Keeping one-time payments to increase source keys quota 🔗

We keep promises and allow you to increase your source keys quota by one-time payments. While freshly released recurring payment packages include generous amounts for a great price, you can still make your decision permanent and buy it with one-time payment only.

But do not wait too long, because this offer may not be available forever. You can always increase your quota with source key packages; you are not required to shift to a higher tier.

Check out pricing or see one-time purchase prices after login.

😉 Utilize all localization benefits with Localazy 🔗

All the changes we made are here to make your dev & entrepreneurship life more enjoyable.

  • Localazy® Autopilot translates and reviews new app translations for you
  • Bulked Add-on packages based on an extensive use case research boost productivity
  • All core localization features are still for free
  • Is your budget on a shoestring? Complete community actions and earn rewards for helping us :)