DeepL Translator

DeepL Translator is a neural machine translation engine that leverages neural networks to convert text from one language to another.

Jaroslaw Kutylowski first developed this machine translation engine at Linguee and later launched it as DeepL Translator on 28 August 2017, offering translations between English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Dutch.

Today, it translates between 24 languages and 552 language pairs and is owned by DeepL GmbH, a company based in Cologne, Germany.

The company claims to have outperformed its competitors in self-conducted blind tests. These competitors include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook.

The DeepL Translator is available for free at However, there are some limitations on the number of translated words and other features. To remove these limitations, you can subscribe to the Pro version or use Localazy.

The DeepL translation engine is a part of the Additional MT feature built-in to Localazy. You can get DeepL suggestions in the translation and review interfaces or use it as a bulk translation option.

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