🎈 Unlocking the Brazilian Market πŸ”—

The growing Brazilian economy offers plenty of opportunities for digital businesses. Learn how to address its 200M users with the help of native localization and thorough cultural research in the article by Pricilla Back.

πŸ“° The Importance of Accuracy in English to Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Plus, until the end of January 2024, you can get translations from English to Brazilian Portuguese for a discounted price per word. Check it out!

Order Brazilian Portuguese translations now

πŸ“Œ Custom Translation Tasks & Sessions πŸ”—

Creating a custom translation session from selected strings in the language table is now possible!

Simply filter for strings you'd like to translate/review and hit the "Translate" button. It will create a custom translation session containing all selected strings.

You can also use the ellipsis menu to copy a link to the translation session and share it with your translators in a Slack message or as a task in Jira.

Localazy - Translations to Czech containing the term CDN filtered for translation session.

In the example above, you can see we filtered for all strings that contained the term "CDN" and instead of clicking back and forth to translate these strings one by one, we can now simply click the "Translate" button to create a translation session, where we will be served the following string immediately after saving the previous.

Localazy - Custom Translation Session

🦾 Open AI Translations (Beta) πŸ”—

Localazy now supports various Open AI models as machine translation engines.

We asked Chat GPT to translate a sentence for us. Now you don't have to ask. You can find the results directly inside Localazy while you translate!


You can also define additional context for OpenAI, such as the type of content you are translating (e.g., SaaS, E-commerce, Company Website, etc.) and the industry that you are in (e.g., Gaming, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc.)

On top of using Open AI as another MT engine in suggestions and pre-translate, you can use it in Automated Workflows (more on that later). Our AI capabilities are still under active development, and we'll release new features and improvements on a regular basis.

You can configure Open AI for your projects in the Localazy Console > Localazy AI. You will need your own Open AI token and Localazy Autopilot plan.

Currently Supported:

  • Open AI provides suggestions for translators
  • Open AI as MT engine for batch pre-translation
  • Open AI as an MT engine for automated workflows
  • AI-based filters for automated workflows

πŸ›‹οΈ Automated Workflows + AI Filters (Beta) πŸ”—

Now you can enjoy automatic machine translation, delete deprecated keys automatically, and do much more with Automated Workflows!

Localazy - Automated Workflows

First, you select one of the Actions, then define its Trigger Events and configure filters to ensure everything happens only when certain conditions are met.

Available Actions:

  • Pre-translate using MT engine
  • Copy translations to other languages
  • Hide keys and show keys
  • Delete deprecated keys
  • Set translations as Needs improvement

Available Trigger Events:

  • Key or translation uploaded
  • Key or translation updated
  • Key created manually
  • Key translated
  • Translation reviewed
  • Manual trigger (coming soon)

Available Filters:

  • Language
  • Source text AI analysis
  • State
  • User + User role
  • Tag (coming soon)
  • Content Filter (regex, keyword match, etc.)
Learn more about Automated Workflows in the documentation

🚞 Translate offline with Poedit πŸ”—

Poedit is one of the most popular translation editors for desktops. You can access your Localazy project from its interface and translate your content in a simple interface that allows you to work even on the go while your device is offline.


When you are done, you can simply save your work locally and then sync your new translations with Localazy once you connect to the network again.

Download and install Poedit for your platform from poedit.net

You can also open projects in Poedit directly from the Localazy dashboard.


πŸ”Œ New Integrations πŸ”—

We also worked on two new integrations. Welcome Intercom and Directus CMS to the family of official plugins by Localazy. Available on the Autopilot plan.

Intercom localization plugin πŸ”—


Intercom integration allows you to translate your Intercom articles, collections, and sections seamlessly. Translatable texts from articles, collections, and sections are transformed into translation keys and imported into the Localazy project. After translation, all texts are exported back to Intercom.

Learn how to connect your Intercom Workspace with Localazy

Directus CMS localization plugin πŸ”—


The Directus localization plugin by Localazy allows you to synchronize your content with Localazy and translate it with available tools. You can manage your language versions separately in Localazy and import new content for translation as you add it seamlessly without manual copypasting or file importing.

Learn how to connect your Directus website with Localazy

πŸ•΅οΈ QA & Platform Improvements πŸ”—

Our team has worked on many improvements over the last months. Β 

Copy one language to another easily πŸ”—

You can now quickly create a new language as a copy of an existing language. Useful for regional variants of some languages, such as German. You can also change one language to another, which can help you when you want to change the locale code.


Improved MT handling of placeholders πŸ”—

When using pre-translate and MT suggestions, you should experience fewer issues with incorrect placeholder detection.

See it in action, explained by our colleague David on LinkedIn

Figma styled segments πŸ”—

Styled segments in Figma, like bold, italic, and strikethrough, are now preserved during download/upload using the Localazy Figma Plugin.

Sometimes, designers use different styles within one TextNode - called Styled Text Segments. The Localazy Plugin can transform such structures into an HTML markup representing these styles. This way, after downloading the localized texts into the Figma prototype, all formatting will be preserved.

Learn more in the Figma Plugin Documentation
Text node in FIgma
The same text node when uploaded to Localazy.

Clusters and Alternative Keys πŸ”—

Key clustering in Localazy provides a unique solution for handling duplicate values without modifying the integration source. Utilizing key clusters can save time and resources by eliminating the need to translate the same content multiple times.

Learn more:

You can also upload a single key to Localazy and export it with a different key name to a different file and even in a different file format with Export Aliases.

Export aliases allow you to export content through non-API means (CDN, CLI, web interface) with different key names and to different files than what they have been originally uploaded from.


Use cases include:

  • Sharing strings between iOS and Android projects
  • Using Figma as a Source of Truth
  • Moving a key to another file for export

Learn more:

Basic Quality Assurance Filters πŸ”—

We also added basic QA filters to help you find issues in translations easily.

Learn more in the docs: QA Checks

πŸ… Embeddable leaderboards πŸ”—

Boost community engagement, improve crowdsourced translations, and motivate your best contributors with leaderboards! It's now possible to embed leaderboards for public projects using the following URL format:


It looks like this with the limit parameter set to 3:


πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Β From Developers, For Developers πŸ”—

Welcome new developer-friendly ways of integrating your projects with Localazy!

Xcode String Catalogs support(.xcstrings) πŸ”—

A new localizable file format by Apple introduced earlier this year is now also supported by Localazy. Yes, the simple string catalog editor allows you to add translations quickly, but Localazy offers all the good stuff to allow collaboration and quality assurance, which makes localization of your app more enjoyable.

Source: Localizing and varying text with a string catalog | Apple Developer Documentation
Please note that this format, while being a valid JSON is not very well documented by Apple yet, so some bugs may occur. If you encounter any issues with the .xcstrings format, please contact us.

New API Client Library πŸ”—

A new API client library is now accessible on GitHub. It simplifies the integration of Localazy API into JavaScript/TypeScript code, eliminating the need to learn all the requests.

Check it out at GitHub - localazy/api-client

The old ts-api has been deprecated.

Made by Localazy Community: C# SDK πŸ”—

This is an unofficial SDK for integrating with Localazy made by Kristian, aka Arkobat, from Denmark. Feel free to contribute!

Visit the project on GitHub

You can install the Localazy SDK using NuGet. Run the following in the console

dotnet add package Localazy.Sdk

This SDK simplifies the process of managing and fetching translations for your C# projects utilizing the Localazy API.

πŸ’¬ Join the conversation! πŸ”—

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βœ… Conclusion πŸ”—

And that's all for now! We hope you like the improvements, and we are looking forward to what our product team is cooking for 2024! Happy holidays!