Efficiently saving time and reducing translation costs is essential for any project with multilingual content. If you're using Storyblok CMS, integrating Localazy's Key Clustering feature can greatly optimize your translation processes. By effectively handling duplicate values originating from Storyblok, you can achieve consistent translations and significant time and cost savings.

🚀 Storyblok CMS and Localazy: A Dynamic Combination 🔗

Storyblok CMS is a powerful headless CMS platform that empowers users to manage content seamlessly for their websites and applications. Its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options make it a preferred choice for many development teams.

Sotryblok Website Dashboard

To enhance translation management, Localazy's localization platform seamlessly integrates with Storyblok CMS. This integration enables users to leverage a comprehensive suite of translation tools offered by Localazy, including the innovative Key Clustering feature.

To get started with Localazy and Storyblok CMS, refer to our comprehensive guide on Managing multilingual content with Storyblok CMS & Localazy.

By combining Storyblok CMS with Localazy, you can effortlessly manage translations and ensure linguistic consistency throughout your project.

⚓ The Challenge of Duplicate Translations 🔗

As your content library expands, you're likely to encounter duplicate values within your content entries. Common words, phrases, or even entire paragraphs that appear repeatedly, such as navigation elements, buttons, or system messages, can lead to redundant translation efforts.

Duplicate strings for translation are a common occurrence in software localization, learn how to handle duplicates regardless of the source string's origin and even across projects with the Duplicity Linking feature.

Translating duplicates individually not only consumes valuable time but also increases the risk of inconsistencies across translations. Traditional manual approaches or relying solely on glossaries are insufficient for the efficient handling of duplicates.

🌠 Unlocking Efficiency with Key Clustering 🔗

Fortunately, Localazy offers a powerful solution to tackle duplicate source strings coming from Storyblok and other API-based sources effectively – Key Clustering.

With Key Clustering, duplicate values are automatically identified and organized within Localazy without requiring modifications to your Storyblok integration source. This intelligent clustering process groups identical values into key clusters, resulting in a single Localazy source key with nested keys representing duplicates.

☝️ By leveraging Key Clustering, you can save significant time and resources by eliminating the need to translate the same content multiple times. With each duplicate value effectively clustered, translations remain consistent and effortlessly reusable throughout your Storyblok CMS.

📐 Implementing Key Clustering in Your Project 🔗

Integrating Key Clustering into your Storyblok CMS project is straightforward. Follow these steps to unlock its benefits:

  1. Create a Localazy project.
  2. Navigate to the project's general settings section and enable Key Clustering under the Import & Export settings.
  3. Set up your Storyblok CMS environment, ensuring that internationalization features are enabled, and fields are set to be translatable.
  4. Connect your Storyblok project to Localazy using the dedicated integration or plugin provided.
  5. Upload your content from Storyblok to Localazy, allowing Key Clustering to automatically identify and cluster duplicate values.

🚩 Simplifying Translations in Localazy 🔗

Once your content is uploaded to Localazy, the Key Clustering feature takes effect. Duplicate values originating from Storyblok are neatly organized under a single Localazy key. Within this key cluster, you'll find nested keys representing the duplicate values.

Overview of all imported source keys with a cluster displayed in the bottom row.
Localazy key cluster with nested keys overview.

For example, if multiple Storyblok content entries contain the same value, such as Main, Localazy will create a key cluster labeled with a unique identifier, like cluster_0. Within this cluster, you only need to translate the value once, and Storyblok will automatically reuse the same translation across all instances within the cluster.

🔓 Join our beta program to access this feature 🔗

⚠️ Please note:️ Key Clusters are an experimental beta feature available only in our Early Access Program. To join the beta, please log in, click on the ❔ question mark icon in the top navigation, and select Get early access.

How to join the Localazy Beta

✔️ Embracing Efficiency and Consistency 🔗

By utilizing Localazy's Key Clustering feature in conjunction with Storyblok CMS, you can streamline your translation workflow, ensure consistent translations, and optimize your localization efforts. Say goodbye to redundant translations and welcome an efficient approach that saves time and reduces costs.

Join the beta program now to test it out and help us further improve the toolset helping you to maximize the translation process efficiency.