Human-Assisted Machine Translation

Human-Assisted Machine Translation (HAMT) is a process where a human reviews translations generated by machine translation (MT) engines.

In Human-Assisted Machine Translation, reviewers access strings that have been translated by machine translation engines as a first step of the localization process. They choose the best translation out of several options provided by different engines (like Amazon Translate, DeepL or Microsoft), and spot obvious errors. The goal is to ensure the result is accurate and sounds natural in the target language.

This type of service gives a human touch to the localization process, ensuring that your project won’t break when the machine misinterprets something. It’s also a more affordable service than professional translation.

Localazy’s Human-Assisted Machine Translation services are recommended for:

  • Project testing in new markets where the budget is tight or time restrictions are pressing.
  • Localizing content to languages that are not a priority now but need a functional version.