Are you a single mobile app developer, maybe a part of the small digital team? You are not alone who may want to manage app localization easier and provide better service to international userbase despite the absence of localization manager.

For developers who target international mobile apps market, Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, Translation (GILT) is one of the challenges on their way to success.

The global mobile application market size was valued at $106.27 billion in 2018, and projected to reach $407.31 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 18.4% from 2019 to 2026. source: Allied Market Research

Both Google Play and Apple App Store are now available in almost every corner of the world. Apple supports 155 countries in 28 languages and Google Play has free applications available worldwide in 46 different languages. Read more on how you can localize your mobile app on GetSocial’s blog.

How to localize mobile app on a shoestring budget 🔗

Making your mobile app globally ready, not only available, can easily cost you anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars. While app translation into two or three languages is not as painful as making the app localized for tens or even hundreds of available languages across the globe, every minute and penny spend counts where you are just one person or a small team.

How many phrases do you have? And how much to pay for those translations? That is a good question.

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Manage your phrases with Localazy and save up to 50% of your translation costs across tens of languages.

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Shoestring budget does not have to result in low quality 🔗

When it comes to quality assurance in localization, one could find a whole plethora of stories when localization went wrong the crazy way.

Vaclav Hodek, the founder of Localazy, knows this very well. As a single developer, he managed to build up a massive userbase of 7,5 million users for his Floating Apps.

But Vaclav is not alone at all. Read more stories here:

While localization takes more than just translation, t9n is of vital importance and sometimes the only thing a small team can do to reach and serve an international community.

And that is the reason why Localazy is an excellent fit for you. Based on the real needs of a single developer with a globally available app, Vaclav always struggled to manage the whole app translation management. Primarily but not exclusively, the review process was a pain with other mobile app translation tools on the market.

Floating apps

Floating Apps, already translated into 30 languages at the time of implementation, was already a widely used app across different device types with a lot of requirements. Localazy is mobile app translation solution on your table If there were only three things Vaclav could say about what made the translations a breeze, he would say:

Full application OTA translation updates 🔗

There are a plethora of solutions for XML resource translation, but none of them is capable of translating all, even the special parts of your app. Localazy can translate and update all translations on-line just with a single click (or automatic updates, if configured so). All you need is to integrate Localazy via our plugins and libraries.

Proactive translation review process 🔗

When you have that spare time to visit your translation platform, you want to know immediately what happened, where and when it happened by who. In other words, the review process is usually prolonged and full of actions which can be automated, delegated or eliminated. Localazy’s proactive review process not only helps to get rid of unnecessary operations, but it also continuously improves your current translations. No need to lock translations to prevent things from getting wrong. You can keep them unlocked, and only useful improvements will pass.

App translation money saver 🔗

As a highly specialized mobile app translation service provider, Localazy is a platform which follows the culture well known from Github, for example. We, developers, love to share code. So why do not share translations? It is possible to provide high accuracy app translations because Localazy translates only mobile apps. We do not offer translations of other types of content, and thus our shared translation memory ShareTM is a perfect fit for all mobile apps, saving up to 50% of translation costs across 80+ languages just because our niche is specific. We want to save your money on human translations and time on review process. And we go even further. If we find there are phrases used across many apps, we donate high-quality translations of those phrases, so all of our users can benefit and provide translations even into the less common languages.

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Easier app translation than ever before 🔗