How our cloud pricing works

The only cloud-based OTA updates! No tiers. No limits. We play fair!

OTA updates

Localazy comes with the best OTA (over-the-air) delivery mechanism for translations available for Android.

Important note first, this feature is optional, and you can decide whether you want to use it or not. However, we recommend it for two reasons:

  • the translation of your app is always up-to-date, and you are not forced to publish new versions to stores; you can even add new languages remotely
  • we can collect stats and optimize the translation and review process, so the most important phrases are translated first which vastly improves user experience

We respect that your app is not fixed and has changing needs and so the price is calculated based on DAU (daily active users) and per single unit. You only pay for real users. No overpriced tiers that you don’t need.

Also, you can configure OTA updates for loyal users only to decrease DAU and your costs significantly.

To cover all apps from small to large ones, Localazy uses a decreasing pricing model per unit.

DAU Price / Unit
first 25 $0 in the FREE tier
first 2500 $0 in the PRO tier
next 1000 $0.0008
next 10k $0.00024
next 100k $0.000072
and above $0.0000216

The example:

The app with 5M total downloads may have around 50k DAU and pays in the given day:

  • nothing for first 25 DAU - for the FREE tier
  • nothing for first 2500 DAU - for the PRO tier
  • $0.0008 for next 1000 DAU
  • $0.00024 for next 10k DAU
  • $0.000072 for next 38975 DAU (free) / 36500 DAU (pro)

If your app is much smaller having 30 DAU, you are not going to pay more than around $0.01 per month 😉. The beauty of cloud-based pricing.

Why cloud pricing?

The idea to build Localazy came from our own mobile apps. Over the last few years, we were looking for a solution suitable for a small team with affordable pricing aimed to achieve maximum quality of translation.

Small teams and single developers have different needs. You know it! We don’t have a dedicated person to care about translations. We don’t have unlimited resources that we can invest in our work. With love, we are making our apps better and better for our users.

The logical step is not only to keep developing our apps but also to translate them so users around the world can use them in their native language. For many users, the language barrier can be a big deal.

This all is what we have gone through with our apps, and our answer is a pro-active translation platform with many features tailored for Android developers that would save us a lot of time and money, which we can invest in our apps to improve them further.

Our most popular app, Floating Apps, has grown from zero to 7 million downloads in five years… and from a few basic phrases to over 1200 of them split across several product flavors. You can imagine that our needs changed radically during this journey. And only cloud-based pricing is something that can be flexible enough to allow you to grow your apps with a peaceful mind.

Don’t sacrifice quality

What you can see in some translation platforms is that they limit key features like Glossary if you don’t pay for the higher tier. We are never going to do the same thing. It’s bad!

Every single app, even if it’s a small app with no budget, must have access to all features that can affect the quality of translation and the workflow for translators. For us, it’s the unbreakable rule!

It’s another reason for cloud-based pricing - flexibility suitable for apps of all sizes without sacrificing features and quality.

And what about your opinion?

Do you feel that our pricing policy is not suitable for your specific situation? Are you open-source, academic, indie, or non-profit developer? Or do you just don’t agree with our prices?

We would love to hear from you. Let’s find a deal suitable for your case.