Scripts and regions… #️⃣

Chinese, with Simplified and Traditional scripts, is a bit of a complex topic to handle correctly. You should also know about most common regions - CN (China), TW (Taiwan), HK (Hong Kong), MO (Macao), SG (Singapure)… Do you know what script is the most commonly used in Taiwan? And what about Singapure?

Easy to handle correctly… #️⃣

In Localazy, all you need to do is to handle Simplified Chinese (zh#Hans) and Traditional Chinese (zh#Hant).

If you already have Chinese translations in your app, you just need to keep zh-rCN and zh-rTW. Those will be converted to zh_CN#Hans and zh_TW#Hant upon uploading to Localazy.

Everything else is handled automatically by Localazy. We generate all the necessary variants and aliases. If you provide specific resources for other regions, we keep them as they are.

In a spirit of our vision, you no longer need to care about it and duplicate your translations. This is what you can expect Localazy to solve for you. You should be working on your app, making it better and better and not learning about hundreds of small exceptions along the way.

Want to learn more? #️⃣

Btw, the most common combinations of scripts and regions are:

  • zh_TW (#Hant) - Traditional
  • zh_HK (#Hant) - Traditional
  • zh_MO (#Hant) - Traditional
  • zh_CN (#Hans) - Simplified
  • zh_SG (#Hans) - Simplified

From Android 7 on, with the support for many new locales, you can also use the new format values-b+zh+Hant+TW, but that makes the whole problem even bigger as correctly supporting all versions is becoming clunky with fallbacks, etc. For this reason, we implicitly support only the versions with the script included in Localazy and do all the conversions behind the scene.

Dive deeper… #️⃣

Translating your mobile app and taking care of all the small issues and differences is a complex topic, but we are doing our best to help you as much as we can. Don’t miss what you should know before uploading your android strings guide to get high-quality translations for your app.