Not sure about the quality? #️⃣

We talk to you, mobile app developers, and it’s widespread that volunteers translate many mobile apps without any verification. It’s risky! You should always, at least, review translations that you put into your app.

It can affect how users perceive your app and how they value it.

Force the review process #️⃣

You can easily upload your existing app translation to the Localazy platform by one click with the default settings of the Localazy Gradle plugin.

By default, uploaded strings are automatically approved, but you may want to change that and force all strings to go through the review process, so you can give them extra care and ensure that your app is correctly translated.

How to do that? It’s simple like this:

localazy {
    // your other settings like readKey, writeKey, etc.
    upload {
        defaultState "new"

And that’s it. It’s that easy 😉. Uploaded strings will be now marked as new and therefore need your approval to be used in the final version of your mobile app.