The science behind… #️⃣

You can upload your translations to Localazy with a single click. Thanks to our no changes to your code policy, it’s easy, and you don’t need to modify your code.

However, if you are serious about translating your app and you already have existing translations, you should also consider topics below before you upload them.

Provide the context #️⃣

Your translators need additional information, so-called context, to provide a high-quality translation. We are actively working on more ways how to ensure that your translators correctly localize your app.

Providing comments for key or confusing strings is something you can do to improve how your app is translated.

Glossary is important #️⃣

The glossary can provide an extra context for your translators and thus improve the quality of your mobile app translation. Learn more about how to define your glossary.

Upload screenshots #️⃣

We are preparing a post about how to capture and upload screenshots from your app.

Review existing translations #️⃣

If you are not sure about the quality of your existing translations, you can change upload mode and let them go through the review process.

Exclude private strings #️⃣

Be sure you don’t upload your private strings such as advertisement ID, Facebook app ID, etc. It’s easy to exclude them from the upload batch. Read more about how to do it.

Leave deprecated locales on us #️⃣

Do you know that Hebrew is he and no longer iw. Do you maintain both of these locales to be sure that your app is fully compatible with older as well as newer Android versions? It’s no longer necessary. Localazy solves that for you. Learn more about it.

Handle Chinese correctly #️⃣

Chinese, with Simplified and Traditional scripts, is a bit of complex topic to handle correctly. You should also know about the most common regions - CN (China), TW (Taiwan), HK (Hong Kong), MO (Macao), SG (Singapure)…

It’s easy to get Chinese translations correctly with Localazy.

Translate libraries #️⃣

We are preparing a post about how to translate libraries along with your app.

Translate dynamic modules #️⃣

We are preparing a post about how to translate app modules and app bundles.

Get inspiration… #️⃣

You can learn more about these concepts also from our demo projects on Github.