Before we dive into the latest improvements, don't forget that the translation from English to πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· Greek language is discounted until the end of June.

Are you curious about how to order translations on our platform or want to learn more about Greek localization? Read these articles to get started:

Or you can jump right into Localazy and order the Greek language for your project now:

Order Greek translations now! πŸ’™

Now that your Greek language support is taken care of by our Continuous Localization Team, let's go through the release! πŸš€

🧰 New toolbar for translation tables πŸ”—

When you open the list of translations in a particular language, you will see the new toolbar. You can select which columns you would like to see in the table, apply filters and search in strings with advanced options.

Translation view toolbar in Localazy

Search options πŸ”—

We've updated the translation table search and added a lot of new options. It's now possible to select fields for search and enable additional conditions like case sensitivity or regular expressions. Searched terms are also highlighted among the search results in the table for better visibility.

New search options in the translation table

Filters πŸ”—

All filters were moved to the new toolbar. A few new filters were added.
You can now filter translations specifically from machine translation or those produced by Localazy Translation services. It is also possible to filter all translations that don't pass the basic quality checks, such as missing placeholders or incorrect glossary use.

Translation filters in Localazy

πŸ–‹οΈ Quick edit for translations πŸ”—

The main translation interface is still the best way to create new translations and keep focused on the context, but we've also added the ability to edit translations directly in the translation table.

This feature allows you to make quick edits to translations and especially comes in handy when used in combination with the invalid translation filter. This is a feature that was requested quite a lot, so we decided to roll out a proof of concept sooner! What do you think?

Please note that this feature is still in its experimental phase, and we welcome any feedback you may have.
Quick edit in the translation table

πŸ”€ Switch source language for translation πŸ”—

As a project owner, you can select additional languages that translators will be able to choose from during the translation. This allows for workflows where the source language of uploaded strings is, e.g., Developer English (xxa) or your local language, but you would want to provide more options like the recommended English (en) to get better machine translation suggestions. Or you can, of course, allow any other language to ask translators with different language pair specializations to help you and get the best results.

Source language switch in the Localazy translation interface

For complete control over the translations, enabling multiple source languages in the project settings is required.

Additional source language selection in Localazy

πŸ“ Set translation length limit in UI πŸ”—

So far, it has been possible to set translation length limits only via metadata in supported file formats or using our API. We're happy to announce that this feature is now part of our UI. To set the translation length limit, navigate to the source language and pick any string you'd like to edit.

Translation length limit in Localazy

πŸ—ƒοΈ Other Improvements & Fixes πŸ”—

There are some more improvements and fixes that we would like to share with you!

Improved search in similar strings πŸ”—

During translation and review, you have many tabs available to help you with context, including the "Similar" tab. And together with highlighted search terms in the table view, the search in similar terms is improved with this small aid as well. πŸ”Ž Β 


Add plurals from UI πŸ”—

Another small step for Localazy is that it's now possible to create plurals from UI when creating new keys. Yay! πŸŽ‰


Improved tables pagination πŸ”—

We've also improved the pagination of all tables. We are hoping that this will help you to better navigate between pages. πŸ“–


Strapi plugin support for CKEditor 5 πŸ”—

Fields in Strapi using CKEditor (rich text editor plugin) weren't previously uploaded to Localazy. We've added support and enabled uploading these content fields as well. πŸ’œ

Fixes πŸ”—

Thanks to your feedback, we also managed to catch and fix some bugs! 🐜

  • Fixed broken links in comments
  • Fixed order translations option disabled dropdown
  • Fixed hidden characters toggle behavior
  • Fix file approve batch action throwing an error

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βœ”οΈ Conclusion πŸ”—

We hope you like the latest changes. As a Localazy user, you can help us improve the platform even further! Let us know what you think, and feel free to reach out via the support chat or discuss the new update in the comments below!