API stands for Application Programming Interface. API enables applications to exchange data with each other.

API (Application Programming Interface) allows programmers to build software that can receive or send data to other applications, databases, etc.

Having an API means that users of the software can work with their data and the applications’ functionality programmatically. This allows for greater automation and time and costs savings.

API always has a pre-defined set of commands that programmers can use to send requests to trigger functions, pull data, etc. Common examples of API use are payment gateways, social media management software that utilizes API to post on your behalf once you connect your accounts, etc.

The most common API protocols are:

  • SOAP
  • REST

Localazy API #️⃣

You can connect your project with Localazy using our translation API. This way, you can program your software to import source strings and download translations automatically.

Learn more in the Localazy API documentation

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