Localazy comes with support for modern formats such as JSON5 for human-friendly localization.

Available features #️⃣

All features supported by Localazy for JSON are available including plurals, arrays, multilingual files, etc. Only the support for requirejs is not available.

Context information #️⃣

It’s possible to use JSON5 comments. They are parsed and stored as a context information for translators.


  // Please keep translation short.
  short_name: "Short Name",

  Multi-line comments are allowed as well
  as multi-line strings. 
  multiline_string: "This string spans \
across more lines."

It’s also possible to specify context information (a comment for translators and character limit) using our own extension:

  category: {
    my_key: "This is a text of my key.",
    "@@localazy:comment:my_key": "This is a comment for translators.",
    "@@localazy:limit:my_key": "100"

Please note that keys starting with @@localazy will not be exported to the output files. Do not overwrite your source files.

Output format #️⃣

The output format is compatible with standard JSON files allowing to use our JSON5 support for human-friendly localization of software based on older JSON standard.