File Format - JSON5

Learn how to use Localazy CLI for app and software localization with translations in JSON5 files.

Localazy comes with support for modern formats such as JSON5 for human-friendly localization.

Available features

All features supported by Localazy for JSON are available including plurals, arrays, multilingual files, etc. Only the support for requirejs is not available.

Context information

It’s possible to use JSON5 comments. They are parsed and stored as a context information for translators.


  // Please keep translation short.
  short_name: "Short Name",

  Multi-line comments are allowed as well
  as multi-line strings. 
  multiline_string: "This string spans \
across more lines."

Output format

The output format is compatible with standard JSON files allowing to use our JSON5 support for human-friendly localization of software based on older JSON standard.