If you are willing to share your configuration with the community to help other users of Localazy, you can add the community section to your localazy.json file like this:

  "community": { 
    "author": "Your Name", 
    "email": "[email protected]", 
    "company": "Localazy", 
    "website": "https://localazy.com", 
    "tags": ["nuxt", "nuxt-i18n", "javascript", "typescript"],
    "description": "Uploading files for nuxt-i18n." 
  // ... 

When the configuration file with this section included is uploaded to Localazy servers, it’s sent for the approval to become a part of the upcoming community sharing portal. Also, we use such configurations for improving our documentation, quick starts and to introduce better automated solutions.

Note: Do not worry about your writeKey and readKey. They are automatically removed before the configuration file would be used for the community sharing.