Localazy comes with support for modern formats such as HJSON for human-friendly localization.

Available features 🔗

All features supported by Localazy for JSON are available including plurals, arrays, multilingual files, etc. Only the support for requirejs is not available.

Comments 🔗

  // It's possible to include comments in the HJSON file
  // but due to a limitation of the HJSON parser, they are 
  // not used as context information for translators. 


Output format 🔗

By default, output format is HJSON.

You can switch to the standard JSON by adding output_json to features in the upload section.

Outputting the standard JSON allows using our HJSON support for human-friendly localization of software based on older JSON standard.

Add BOM (for UTF encoding) 🔗

If you need BOM (byte order mark) to be exported in the output file, please add add_bom to features in the upload section.