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File Format - Plain Texts

Localize text & markdown files, app store description, marketing materials, and more with Localazy.

You can manage plain text files with Localazy which is useful for:

  • App Store description
  • Play Store description
  • marketing texts
  • release notes
  • README files
  • manuals and documentation
  • etc.

Encoding 🔗

The default encoding is auto. You can change it by including encoding={encoding} in the upload section. Available options are: utf8, utf16, utf16le, utf16be, ansi.c

Storage format 🔗

In Localazy, the file is stored as a file with a single key content.

PRO Tip 🔗

With support for plain text files in Localazy, you can use fastlane to automate the deployment of the localized version of App Store descriptions.