About CDN #️⃣

Localazy CDN is a reliable way how to deliver fresh translations across globe with low latency. Build on top of Amazon technologies, your localizable files are available from within numerous datacenters all around the world.

We also make additional metadata available through the CDN allowing you to build automated localizable solution controlled fully from within Localazy.

List metadata files #️⃣

[GET] /projects/{projectId}/cdn
Type Value
Roles manager
Produces application/json

Returns metadata files for each of the published release tags available in the project.


Sample Request #️⃣

curl --request GET \
  --url https://api.localazy.com/projects/{projectId}/cdn \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer {{token}}'

Sample Response #️⃣

    "metadataUrls": [
            "tagId": "_a7931606590829363190",
            "tagName": "production",
            "metadataUrl": "https://delivery.localazy.com/_a79316065913662341064ea50501/_a7931606590829363190.v2.json"
            "tagId": "_a7931606590829363191",
            "tagName": "staging",
            "metadataUrl": "https://delivery.localazy.com/_a79316065913662341064ea50501/_a7931606590829363191.v2.json"
            "tagId": "_e0",
            "tagName": "latest",
            "metadataUrl": "https://delivery.localazy.com/_a79316065913662341064ea50501/_e0.v2.json"

Response Object

Field Description
tagId Internal ID of the given release tag.
tagName The name of the release tag.
metadataUrl URL of the metadata file.

Download the metadata file to learn about the content available on CDN, supported languages, plural rules etc.