Collection of endpoints to access projects in Localazy.

With project token, you can access only the project it was created for. Organization token will grant you the access to all projects in the organization.

List projects 🔗

[GET] /projects
Description Value
Accessible with project token true
Accessible with organization token true
Need write permission false
Available from role Translator
API level normal

List projects acessible with the current token scope.

Query Params 🔗

Parameter Description
organization=true Add information about the owning organization.
languages=true Add information about languages.

Sample Request 🔗

curl --request GET \
  --url '' \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer {{token}}'

Sample Response 🔗

    "id": "_a8553192904037236731",
    "orgId": "_a8553192904708325374",
    "name": "Project Name",
    "slug": "project-slug",
    "image": "",
    "url": "",
    "description": "Project description.",
    "type": "public",
    "tone": "not_specified",
    "role": "owner",
    "sourceLanguage": 85,
    "organization": {
      "availableKeys": 200,
      "usedKeys": 0,
      "figma": false,
      "connectedApps": false,
      "releaseTags": false,
      "formatConversions": false,
      "screenshots": false,
      "additionalMt": false,
      "mtPretranslate": false,
      "webhooks": false
    "languages": [
        "id": 85,
        "code": "en",
        "name": "English",
        "active": 0,
        "review": 0,
        "current": 0,
        "translated": 0,
        "sourceChanged": 0,
        "needImprovement": 0

Response Object

Field Description
id Unique project identifier.
orgId Identifier of the organization the project belongs to.
name Project name.
slug Project slug.
image Full URL to the project image or empty string if there is no image available.
url Full URL to the project on Localazy.
description Project description.
type Project type; one of public, private and restricted.
tone Project tone; one of not_specified, formal and informal.
role Role of the current user accessing API (based on the token); one of none, translator, trusted_translator, reviewer, manager, owner and developer.
sourceLanguage The identifier of the source language of the project.
organization List of enabled features and available source keys. Only available if the organization query parameter is set to true.
languages List of all languages and their current state. Only avaliable if the languages query parameter is set to true. See Language Object below.

Language Object

Field Description
id Internal identifier of the language on Localazy.
code Locale code.
name English name of the language / locale.
active Number of active keys.
review Number of keys waiting for review.
current Number of keys with approved version/translation.
translated Number of keys that are already translated (but may not be approved yet).
sourceChanged Number of keys in the source changed state.
needImprovement Number of keys in the need review state.