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Unique review process and self-managed translations

Spend time with your code. Make your app better. Do what you love and forget about translations. Localazy is here to keep track so you can have a peaceful mind.

The review process 🔗

While the review is a way to ensure translation quality in other translation platforms, Localazy is organized around it. But our review process is entirely different. It’s not just a set of filtering options to find strings that may be inaccurately translated.

Our review process is a pro-active tool that helps you to verify translations and keep track of all changes that happened on Localazy while you spend your precious time developing your app and making it better.

No matter if you visit Localazy every day or once per 2 months, you never get lost! You always know exactly about everything related to your mobile app translation.


High-quality app translation ensured! 🔗

The basic function of the review process is to help you with verifying new translations from your contributors. You can accept or reject translations or marked them as acceptable but not good enough, etc.

As an addition to the approve/reject mechanism, you can directly edit suggested translation and alter it. That’s extremely useful for little changes. The translation may be perfect but with small issues, and a missing exclamation mark or typo is something you can easily fix on your own.

The review process offers a set of useful features to assist you with this task:

  • The static analysis checks for common problems like missing tags and placeholders or badly formatted translation. It also informs you about important information related to the translation.
  • The review provides you with contextual information to help you make the right decision. You have the same set of information as the original translator.
  • You can directly comment on the phrase to provide additional notes to the translators if necessary.
  • The review process is automatically optimized with data collected from your users via OTA updates. You can be sure that your time is well-spent on the phrases with the most visible impact for your users.
  • The backward machine translation provides you with insight into the translation, even for languages you don’t understand. You can, with a certain amount of confidence, ensure high-quality for almost any language.

You have everything necessary for ensuring a high-quality localization of your app! We will make the review process work for you in an effective manner.


Self-managed localization 🔗

We call Localazy automated or self-managed localization platform for a reason. The traditional approach is to offer tools for advanced filtering and issue diagnosis, whereas Localazy does as much as it can for you automatically and only ask you when it needs your help.

For sure, you want to invest your time in a clever way and maximize its impact. You don’t want to scan through hundreds of phrases looking for possible issues. And you don’t want to fight your localization platform to find out whether recent translations are good enough for your app. A complex translation workflow is a headache for developers and steals their focus from important work.

Using Localazy is a clever way to translate your app. Whether you weren’t here for one day or one month, you just click the review and start making a valuable impact immediately. You are not lost on the platform…

As you have a few spare minutes, open Localazy, and approved some phrases through the review. In a few moments, we start delivering them to your users via OTA updates. This is the true meaning of continuous translations.

We aim to improve the review process further and increase the number of automatically approved translations with machine learning and other advanced techniques. And you help us with it. The more apps, the better our algorithms work.

Identify contributors with bad intentions 🔗

The review process is an excellent tool for keeping track of your contributors’ performance and identifying people that destroy your app localization on purpose.

It’s easy to catch such people through the review before they can damage your app localization.

Even better, Localazy doesn’t come with any finalization or locking of phrases. The approved translation remains in use as long as it’s not superseded by another approved one. This is an extremely important concept - good people can suggest better translations, and those not so nice are unable to harm your app.

Also, Localazy comes with advanced contributor management and so it’s easy to identify the bad person, find all of her translations, remove them eventually, and ban her.

Trusted translators and reviewers 🔗

You don’t need to review every single translation. You can mark selected contributors as trusted, and their translations are then automatically approved. This role should be reserved only for people you trust and for long-term contributors.

You can also delegate the review process to any of your contributors and promote her to the reviewer or higher role. Reviewers can approve or reject phrases in all languages, and they can also access other features with higher privileges. They can, for example, edit the glossary for your app.

The reviewer role is here for people who help you with making the app localization better. Not necessarily only through the review process.

InTM and ShareTM 🔗

The review process is a crucial part of our other technologies, and it integrates tightly with ShareTM and InTM. With the review, we can directly suggest suitable actions for your app. You don’t need anyone to go manually through hundreds of phrases.

It’s all nicely available in a single place with a pro-active approach. Whether you are checking translations from your contributors or approving those from ShareTM or InTM, you use the friendly interface of our service. It’s your command center for the localization of your app.

Under certain circumstances such as moving the namespace, InTM can bypass the review process and automatically approve the translations. This is part of the self-managed approach.

The final note 🔗

As you learned in this article, the review process in Localazy is a unique tool designed to help you. Rely on it!

Spend time with your code. Make your app better. Do what you love and forget about translations. Localazy is here to keep track so you can have a peaceful mind.