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Save money on translations 🐖

Save up to 50% of translation costs thanks to shared translations. Localize your app to 80+ languages for free.

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Rest assured about high quality 💎

Verify translations with the pro-active review and use all tools for providing context to your translators for free.

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Keep track of changes 👀

No matter if you visit Localazy every day or once per month, you never get lost! The best recipe for a peaceful mind.

Not yet convinced? You can rely on Localazy.

As the scaleway dashboard engineering manager, we use Localazy to set up a friendly environment for us and our translation team.

For the first iteration, it was really easy to set up. We could manage translation with pluralization, key detection as well as multi-language and cli tools for our local management and ci‑cd.

I also had very good communication with the core team for the feature request and was impressed with the quick responses.

If I have to recommend a tool to handle the translation, I will talk about Localazy for sure.

Enjoy the simplicity 🙃

Smart technology do the hard work for you automatically and optimizes the rest.

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Focus on what you love 💖

Develop your app and make it better. Localazy is here to make app localization a seamless experience for you.

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Save your time ⏰

Designed for single developers and small teams, Localazy is here to free your hands from app localization hassle.

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Update translations over the air 🚀

Deliver updated translations and new languages on-line without resubmitting new app version to Play Store.

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Zero compromises, unlimited features

Prevent tough decisions and scale up in minutes

🚀 Unlimited languages and translations
🔒 Unlimited private apps
🧔👩 Unlimited contributors
🗓 Unlimited revision history
🧰 Proactive technical validation
🤝 Shared translations
👌 Advanced reporting
📖 Project glossary
⌛ Translation memory
✅ Proactive review
📈 Continuous improvement
+ more great features
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