From the initial focus on Android app localization and strong developer focus, the platform has evolved into a fully featured and highly automated localization solution for all needs.

Now, Localazy offers multiple maintained plugins and official integrations for popular third-party platforms and tools, professional translation services, and dedicated infrastructure for translation delivery. While we were adding new features and integrations, the pricing has stayed the same and no longer reflects the developments we have undertaken. That's why we are introducing improvements to our plans and pricing that will be effective from the new year.

📅 The new pricing will be effective from January 2024

🧭 Our vision and values are not changing 🔗

Since the beginning, we have promised ourselves that we want to keep the pricing as transparent as possible and keep all essential features free for everyone, including the machine translation.

Our mission is to help break language barriers, so forget about us limiting the number of languages you can translate. Customers also shouldn't be restricted by the number of users they invite to help or the number of words they translate each month. The reason to upgrade should be driven by the volume of source texts and/or improved features you want to utilize to streamline your workflow. This has been true since the beginning, and it will stay the same as long as it is sustainable.

Pricing remains transparent 🔗

With Localazy, you know how much you are paying each month. You also immediately know which tier you need based on the source key limit or the desired set of features that you need to achieve your goals.

7-day trial for all plans 🔗

All paid plans come with a 7-day trial period that allows you to try everything before you commit. We understand that complex applications take more time to set up and test, especially if you need multiple teams to cooperate on your localization projects, so if you need more days, you can contact our support and ask for a prolonged period.

Unlimited seats, projects, languages & words 🔗

You might have heard or even experienced horror stories about adding seats and being surprisingly billed way more than expected by some companies. (Looking at you, Figma 😕)

We don't want to go this way. That's why all Localazy plans, including the Free tier, have unlimited seats for users. Localazy is used not only by big businesses but also by community-driven projects that are open for everyone to help translate their favorite app or open-source software. We also don't limit the number of translation projects you can manage with Localazy, the number of languages you can add to each project, and the number of words you can translate with our tools.

Essential Features for free, including machine translation 🔗

Review, Glossary, and machine translation suggestions remain included in the Free tier. If you want to translate your hobby project with a hundred strings, you don't have to pay anything and keep managing it with Localazy until it grows over 200 managed source strings (source keys). To help you, we also offer our ShareTM and Amazon Translate suggestions for free.

Choose your integration method regardless of your plan 🔗

Anyone can use our Command Line Interface, API, and mobile SDKs. You can upload any supported localizable files without any restrictions using any of the methods above or simply drag and drop them into the file upload area inside the web platform.

Translation services and translation delivery for everyone 🔗

Our Continuous Localization Team is here for everyone to help them translate their project professionally. All users can also set up Localazy CDN or OTA updates regardless of their tier. These services are billed separately, and there is no reason to restrict them.

No MT engine usage restriction 🔗

All of our plans come with machine translation. Some plans have more engines available or unlock the automation of their usage, but the volume is always unrestricted. You can translate your content without any concern of being charged more for overcoming some threshold.

Helpful support for everyone 🔗

Our support is here for everyone. We can't promise to solve all your queries quickly, but you can rely on our team. We frequently implement reasonable requests and always strive to answer immediately. Our satisfaction ratio is more than 90%, and it is something we are very proud of! 😊


We listen to your feedback 🔗

You are helping us shape our platform the most! Over the years, many features were added based on our users' feedback, and this is not going to change. Our team has had hundreds of feedback calls with customers worldwide, and we are always looking forward to hearing your opinions.

🤩 New tiers in detail 🔗

Let's have a look at the new tiers coming in 2024. All prices listed below apply with annual billing unless stated otherwise.


We will not just raise our prices, blame it on global inflation, and call it a day. Yes, the plans and their pricing will change, but we will not limit any of you by removing features from your tiers. Quite the opposite!

To improve our pricing transparency and help you choose the perfect plan for you more quickly, we had to reflect on each plan's features and the feedback we have received. For example, the previous Professional plan had only a few features and lacked the most popular, which is MT pre-translate. Now, each plan has a clearer positioning and features tailored to its intended use case.


The Free tier is here to stay 🔗

As mentioned above, we are not changing our Free tier. The Free tier is going to remain the gateway to the world of localization for everyone. It is ideal for hobby projects and proofs of concepts.

Here's what you get for free

  • 200 managed source keys
  • Unlimited seats, projects, words, and languages
  • ShareTM: our community translation suggestions
  • Amazon Translate suggestions
  • Glossary
  • API, CLI, and SDKs for file upload/download
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Boosted Professional plan 🔗

The new Professional plan is getting a significant upgrade. The Professional plan is suitable mainly for small projects and growing startups wanting to get translations done quickly. The purpose of this tier is to cover the essential localization needs of your project comfortably. It includes batch MT pre-translate, screenshots, and all the necessary tools to make Localazy a valuable tool in your stack.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 2,500 managed source keys
  • Google Translate: available in machine translation suggestions and pre-translate.
  • Pre-translate with MT: Choose Amazon or Google Translate and apply MT in bulk.
  • Screenshots: Upload screenshots that will help your translators with context during translation. OCR technology will help you link texts on the screenshots with your source keys.
  • Custom Plurals: - define custom plurals for any language in your project and avoid compatibility issues with your i18n solution
  • Multiplatform Development: Convert files from one format to another and reuse translations across your platforms. Ideal for streamlined localization of iOS and Android versions of the same app.
  • Translation Sharing: Share translations, glossary terms, and screenshots across connected projects to save time on translation. Ideal for a portfolio of apps that share some common strings.
  • Release Versions: Create release versions of your project to keep strings in development from reaching production or testing.

The new Professional plan comes with three levels of source key limits to choose from as your project grows, and we are increasing the limit on each level by 500 keys.

Prices of the new Professional plan

  • 1,000 keys (formerly 500) start at $33/month
  • 1,500 keys (formerly 1,000) start at $41/month
  • 2,500 keys (formerly 2,000) start at $58/month


Making Autopilot Great Again 🔗

The name Autopilot suggests that by choosing this plan, you can set up automated translations and focus on building your product. And because we want Autopilot to remain the number one choice for SMBs and growing startups who wish to automate their translation workflow, it also needs a facelift.

So now, while a lot of features formerly in Autopilot will be available in the Professional plan, we are making the Autopilot plan great again, and the name will make more sense than ever.

We have two strong arguments for it: Automation and Integrations. Automation Features allow you to save time and set up workflows that align with your translation and deployment process. With Autopilot Integrations, you can easily connect popular third-party services such as content management systems (Strapi, Storyblok, etc.), design platforms (Figma), or customer service solutions (Intercom) with official plugins.

On top of that, we are introducing the Localazy AI, which will allow you to tap into the power of ChatGPT for localization, text transformation, and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 7,500 managed source keys
  • Automated Workflows - Automate repetitive tasks per project and language to streamline your localization processes further.
  • Auto MT pre-translate - Automatically translate new or changing content with popular machine translation engines.
  • DeepL & OpenAI translations - Get access to leading MT providers
  • Figma Screenshots - Automatically create, upload, and link screenshots from Figma to your texts in Localazy.
  • Webhooks - A simple way to set up actions or notifications based on triggers and events in your Localazy project.
  • All official Integrations without restriction - Connect to your favorite third-party platforms in a few clicks with our plugins and integrations and automate the localization of your content

Coming in November: Localazy AI

The hype and controversy around AI translation made us think twice before deciding to introduce OpenAI integration. But here it comes! 🥳

It won't be just another AI assistant that requires you to prompt the AI every single time you need it. You'll be able to use it inside your workflows automatically with useful features such as sentiment analysis and more. Stay tuned!

Prices of the new Autopilot plan:

  • 3,500 keys start at $74/month
  • 5,000 keys start at $99/month
  • 7,500 keys start at $133/month


Renaming Agency plan to Business 🔗

The most feature-packed plan that we are now calling Agency will be renamed to Business to simplify decision-making and improve the communication of the plan's positioning. You will surely get used to this cosmetic change quickly! 😅

The Business tier is meant to stay the ultimate self-service localization solution. That's why we are progressively increasing the source key limits for each additional plan level. You will be able to manage up to 100,000 source keys while staying on the Business tier (that's 70,000 more than is possible now without opting for Enterprise!). You will also be able to set up Single Sign-On on your own, and most importantly, you will receive all future updates and features coming to the platform!

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 100,000 managed source keys!
  • Duplicity Resolving: Link duplicate content together and translate it only once while staying in control of its meaning and purpose, and benefit from our automated key clustering feature.
  • Branching: Maintain several branches of your project to collaborate without conflicting changes.
  • File & Key Aliases: Export your keys under multiple names and into various files without a complicated setup.
  • Language Permissions: Allow access only to the languages you want your contributors to translate.
  • Reporting: Learn how your translators perform and get an overview of your language stats at a glance.
  • Single Sign On: Set up SAML-based SSO for your whole organization to ensure a secure authentication with Localazy.
  • CSV Export / Import: Hand off your translation project to an external supplier who is too stubborn to switch to Localazy and upload their work back in a few clicks.
  • Secret Projects: Hide your Localazy projects from the public altogether.

Coming soon

These features are currently on our roadmap and should become available in 2024. Make sure to read our Release Updates to stay in the loop!

  • Style Guides: Prepare a style guide for your project to ensure consistent translations.
  • Tags & Tasks: Tag translations and create tasks for your team based on filters.
  • Teams & Extended Permissions: Assign granular permissions to your users and group them into teams for more controlled user management.

Prices of the new Business plan

  • 10,000 keys start at $166/month
  • 25,000 keys (formerly 20,000) start at $249/month
  • 50,000 keys (formerly 30,000) start at $333/month
  • 100,000 keys (formerly not available) start at $416/month


Keeping Enterprise special 🔗

No project or ecosystem of projects is too big for Localazy. The Enterprise tier is here for everyone who needs to manage and translate a high volume of texts and those looking for assistance with localization, navigating complex translation workflows, and additional services. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and allow us to help you grow your global presence!

Features and Benefits

  • Custom Source key limit
  • High-Volume Translation Services: Enlist a dedicated team of translators for your projects and get volume discounts for large-scale projects.
  • SLA / Priority Support: You can rely on our team to provide outstanding service, and rest assured that our support team will help you answer all questions. We can sign for that.
  • Dedicated Localization Manager: Get a PRINCE2-certified localization manager to help you deliver high-quality translations.
  • Initial Setup & Configuration: Save your valuable time and allow us to help you with the initial setup.
  • Custom Integration Development: Integrating all of your systems will be a breeze for our developers.
  • Custom Locales: Use custom locales without workarounds.
  • Backup & Restore: Ask for frequent backups of your projects and sleep soundly, knowing that any accident can be undone!
  • Audit Logs: Get a detailed insight into all actions that happen inside your projects.
Get a tailored set of services with Localazy Enterprise. Contact us now.

TL;DR: 🔗

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🥺 What about my current subscription? 🔗

As mentioned above, the new pricing will come into effect on January 1st, 2024.

New customers can purchase the updated plans immediately after the release goes live in January. Current customers will be migrated to new plans according to the timeline below.

Transition to new plans 🔗

As a current customer, your account will be upgraded to the new plan during the first weeks of January 2024, and your organization will have access to all features of the new plan for the old price you are used to paying. If applicable, in the case of Professional and Business (formerly Agency) plans, you will also get a boost in your source key limit according to the level of the plan you are on.

For the following 3 months, you can do a test run of your new plan and decide if you wish to continue with the new set of features. Then, during the first week of April, you will start paying the new price for your plan.

There is no action needed from you if you are happy with the changes. You will also receive several notifications during the course of the first quarter of 2024 to make sure you stay informed about what is going to happen to your subscription. If you find out that you would like to make some adjustments, feel free to contact us by chat or e-mail.


Annual plans 🔗

If you are on the annual plan and it is set to renew during the transition period, your plan will renew for the old price. For customers whose plans will renew after 1st April 2024, new prices are going to apply.

✅ Conclusion 🔗

You can look forward to more useful features in the coming months, and you can rely on our team to improve your experience. Please help us in keeping Localazy your favorite localization platform, and tell us your opinions in the comments below!

💬 FAQ 🔗

I need help understanding something about the new pricing. Where do I get help? 🔗

Please feel free to contact us. You will get all questions answered, and we will do our best to help you understand the changes and undergo a painless transition.

I am on a nonprofit plan and need help to afford the new plan. What now? 🔗

Please contact us; we will find a way to help each other.

The prices will take quite a leap. Why? 🔗

You are about to get more value and features from the new plans. The old pricing that was in effect for over two years also, in part, reflected the fact that the platform was still under heavy development. Localazy is now a mature solution with proper certifications coming soon. We have also almost doubled our team to ensure everything works smoothly and customer feedback is implemented quickly. That comes with a price we believe is fair for both parties — people who take care of the platform and clients who value the reliability of critical solutions for their international business.

I am just not ready to pay the new price. What now? 🔗

There is a transition period of three months to help you try the new features before the new prices apply to your account. We've carefully planned the changes so that in most use cases, you can also downgrade & stay on the similar pricepoint you've been used to. If the coming changes materially impact your business, please get in touch with us, and we'll work something out.

What about the translation credits that were complimentary for the annual plans? 🔗

Starting in 2024, the credits will no longer be added to your balance with each plan renewal. To improve our services and compensate our hard-working translators fairly, we can no longer give out free credits. Keep an eye out for our language of the month discounts to save on professional translations. Contact us if you want to be notified in advance about what is going to be the next discounted language!