👋 Introduction 🔗

Hi Jan, thank you for your time. Let's start with some general questions about you and your product. What does it serve for, and who are your users?

I am a Product Development Lead at TALXIS. We make running and growing small businesses easier by making it possible to know what's happening in real-time and allowing people to focus on what's important - delivering their unique products and making their customers happy. Our digital solutions take care of repetitive and unnecessary work, which is preventing them from growing.

We didn't update our website for a long time, but we will soon for the September launch. 🥳

For now, our users are mainly small business members looking for CRM applications. TALXIS family products should be able to fit the needs of any business user in the future.

Maybe you'd want to share your perspective on software localization?

I believe it's a necessity. You need to "just add one more language" when required without compromising the product's development process or doing costly reworks. This simple localization wouldn't be possible without separate resource files that you can easily translate by a tool of your choice, such as Localazy.


🚩 Why Localazy? 🔗

How is Localazy used in your product?

We were looking for a solution for the complete localization of resx files, and Localazy does the trick perfectly.

Why did your team decide to use Localazy for app localization?

Previously, we used POEditor, but it was not that great, and since we are localizing the repository with source, we are big fans of Localazy CLI! 💘

Another motivation was that Localazy was a brand new Czech product, and since we're also a Czech organization trying to change something in the IT industry, we saw it as a perfect fit. 😎

Describe the process of introducing Localazy to your product. Did you face any challenges or issues? How have you overcome them?

It was pretty straightforward, to be honest. We have opened the documentation and implemented a PS script that uses npm to install Localazy and create the config with keys. It is then called during build in the pipeline. It works just as expected, so no challenges so far. ✔️


What are the most significant outcomes and benefits of bringing Localazy to your product?

Every member of our organization can help with localization without the development tools used by us (the developers) as there is no need to go through the application source code. It's just an easy-to-use localization solution.

What are your favorite Localazy features, and why?

  • Localazy CLI, as mentioned above, because thanks to it, localization is tightly integrated with our build process, perfectly automated, and it all works seamlessly.
  • Machine translation suggestions in the translation process help us get the first iteration of the localized version ready quickly and easily.
  • Public Projects and ShareTM, because everyone can help translate your project.

Would you like to share with our readers and us any numbers?

About 15 engineers are working on this product. We currently support CZ, SK, PL, and EN languages, with more to come!

Do you have any tips or advice you'd like to share with our readers?

Use Localazy and automate the localization of your application; From a new commit into the repository to publishing the final release into production, Localazy handles everything in between.

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