The development of the cloud and cloud services is one of our favorite topics here at Localazy HQ. We all know how a strong and extensive cloud platform can serve startups and support their translation and localization efforts. But for some of them, it's not an uncommon occurrence to need assistance during the migration process, especially if the amount of data and resources is considerable.

Fortunately, there are products available in the tech market that go the extra mile. Our partner Revolgy is a good example. With over two decades of experience in the industry, they've seen it all. Countless organizations have trusted them as their advisors to migrate into cloud structures that suit them best, whether it's Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.

And it doesn't end there: as a cloud partner, Revolgy also offers support, management, billing, and security audit services to companies and entrepreneurs alike. Today we get to know Jan Sechovec, the Product VP at Revolgy, who summarizes for us all they have to offer and explains why the gaming industry is being one of the biggest cloud adopters.

🔧 Building Revolgy 🔗

Hey, Jan! Nice to have you here. So can you explain to us what Revolgy does?

Hello! In a nutshell, we make the cloud work for all businesses. We provide on-demand cloud services, such as migrations to the cloud (Google Cloud and AWS), infrastructure reviews, billing optimization, Google Workspace implementation with change management, and very popular managed services: cloud operations and incident management.

What is your role within the company?

My role is to find, validate and implement products with a strong value for our customers. I create the Value Proposition part of our business model. Recently I've been focusing on the tech industry: fintech, greentech, gametech... Especially in the vertical of the video games industry, we see huge movements towards cloud adoption in both gameplay and game development.

We all started on computer games and arcades in the 80s, and as we are all players in our hearts, we love to help great games to exist. Modern massive multiplayer online games cannot exist without the power and scale of the cloud.  And we are here to support this movement. So, what do I do? I move game studios into the cloud. 🕹️ ➡️ ☁️


You started out as a military professional. How did you end up in this industry?

Yes, I used to be a soldier in the Signal corps for more than 15 years. I created the global data network of the Czech army and took the technology in that particular era to its edge. After a 4-year mission in NATO, I left with honors and started my own software development company.

In strange circumstances, I ended up on the project in Ceska Sporitelna (a Czech bank) and got hired. I stayed in the corporate world for another 12 years. We built the first Banking API in the world, an homomorphic encryption scheme for the bank, and implemented mobile payment in the region first, far before Apple and Google Pay.

"We're seeing a huge movement towards cloud adoption
in both gameplay and game development"

That's quite impressive. Why do you enjoy doing what you do?

I really enjoy making lives easier. And because I’m in the technology business, I focus on helping companies to get the most out of recent and future advances. I think outside of the box while planning new stacks. 😄 I really love to see that customers are running successful businesses because of the ubiquitous computing power.

Some personal interests you would like to share? :)

Besides loving my wife, I like to program computers and write code to solve interesting problems. And I also enjoy driving cars on race circuits, analyzing race data, and tuning cars and engines for performance and endurance. 🚗

💻 📈 Optimizing cloud use 🔗

Let's cut to the chase now. What is the most common use case you solve?

Digital transformation for cloud-ready customers and scaling and growing issues for startups and digital natives. Cloud-ready customers are traditional companies that are exploring global or cross-border markets and have an infrastructure that is not ready for such operations (for instance, eCommerce marketplaces or traditional retail). In the case of digital natives, we usually deal with startups or scale-ups that need re-platforming, billing optimization for cloud usage, or managed services.

We also have a very strong reputation in the global gaming industry 🎮 because we developed a solution for remote game development in the cloud that solves security and computing issues for gaming and animation studios.

Who are your customers in general? Any you would like to mention aside from our mutual client 🚴 Rouvy?

Mainly digital native companies and cloud-ready businesses with growth or a global expansion strategy. Some of our best-known customers are 🚖 Bolt, 💸 Wise (previously known as TransferWise), 👾 Outfit7 (creators of the massively popular mobile game Talking Tom), and 🤖 UiPath.

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What is your vision? And what do you think – how will your industry look like about 10 years from now?

There is definitely a quantum future in front of us. With recent Nobel prize winners in the field of quantum entanglement and progress with quantum computers, there will be a massive change not only in computing power but also in the way computers communicate and exchange information.

Humankind is very close to achieving no latency communication, for example. This will have a massive impact on every industry. Well, it will not be here in 10 years probably, but it will all start with massive cloud adoption.

☁️ 25 years in the cloud business 🔗

What is Revolgy's unique value proposition that sets it apart from its competitors? In which fields are you innovating?

We've been in the business for more than 25 years, and that means we know how the industry changes, which specific problems companies have now, and which will come up in a few years because we have seen it many times.

We are also premium partners of Google Cloud and AWS. This means that we can help with special offers, customized programs, and pricing. 👌 Many competitors are only focused on customer acquisition and don't care about their business challenges over a long period of time. We are different.

One of our DNA values is “We want to know you better to serve you better”. It means we regularly meet with our customers and ask about their business issues, inquire about how they use cloud solutions and provide best practices to help them grow.

"Humankind is very close to achieving no latency communication, and it will all start with massive cloud adoption"

What are the biggest current risks & challenges for cloud-based businesses nowadays?

Many companies are dealing with security issues, reduced visibility, and control of infrastructure costs and readiness for attacks, which happen more and more often. We also see that there is a lack of expertise, and a lot of challenges are caused by that.

What are the next steps for Revolgy?

We strive for a stable, scalable, and sustainable company, not only from the business side but also for our employees. With many regions and markets in mind, we aspire for a top position in cloud-related topics building durable relationships with cloud ambassadors along the way.

The Revolgy team in full. 

👍 Favorite services & localization preferences 🔗

Would you like to highlight some other services or products you really like to use on your own, either in your personal life or at Revolgy as a whole?

Revolgy is a heavy user of the Google Workspace suite and Notion.

Your website is available in Czech and English. How do you solve localization today?

We cover dozens of markets worldwide, so we have sales representatives in many countries 🌐 with local language skills, which are very useful for some negotiations. Because we don't have a technical support team for every market, we use English as the main company language.

Do you plan to change your approach to localization sometime in the future?

Maybe in some automated way, but the English language is pretty common in the IT industry.

Is there something else you would like to say?

After this interview, I’d ask you to do one thing. Open AWS or GCP's website and go through the services that are there. Try to imagine what you can achieve if you combine them together 🤝 in one meaningful and functional way. Close it. Open it in half a year. There will be much more! And do not allow this massive innovation potential to flow without your stake in it. Use technologies, do it smartly, and make money!

Awesome tip! Thank you so much for sharing your product with us, Jan. Make sure to follow Revolgy on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to stay up to date with their latest launches.

And if you're interested in trying the product yourself, you can contact Revolgy directly here.