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Focus on building your digital product and expand to multilingual markets with Localazy - your continuous localization and translation management solution.

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Why to choose Localazy over Transifex?

Machine translations

Making progress faster.
Major MT engines available.

Flexible translation management

Choose your payment model
Start free with 200 source keys and increase your quota with recurrent or one-time payments.

Admins and contributors

Unlimited members
Great even for large teams with volunteers.

Unlimited projects

Free for all your software projects ⭐️
1 or 100 apps? Use it as you wish.

Glossary of terms

Integrity without compromise ⭐️
Glossary is of vital importance, so we give it for free.

Contributor control

Full control over team members ⭐️
Support heroes and punish bad boys.

Tool for all your needs

Hand over the translation work to Localazy Continuous Localization Team to translate your project.
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Localization team on autopilot Workflow Automation
Integrate with your stack 50+ integrations and growing
Empower international growth Agile Localization Platform
Setup & Forget Solution CI/CD integration + Automation options
Easy to start and use CLI on Steroids & Intuitive UI

How it Works?
Starting with Localazy

Quick upload

Upload your files directly to start immediately. Or integrate your project via our CLI Tool or SDK for Android or Swift to fully automate the process.
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Automated Localization Platform 🚩

Forget about the hassle of translation forever. Set up automated workflows and focus on what matters the most!

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Professional Translation Services 🙋‍♀️

Get translations on autopilot. Our verified professionals translate your project automatically as you add or change texts. Achieve high-quality results with less work.

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Advanced Developer Tools 🕹️

Integrate Localazy into your CI/CD pipelines. Seamlessly upload new texts with every push to the main branch and automatically download fresh translations on every build.

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Free 14-day Trial 🌟

Sign up now and enjoy a 14-day free trial with all features!

Explore the platform that will simplify your localization process.

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Not yet convinced?

We have made our offerings as transparent as possible and the pricing is reportedly quite unique in a good manner. If you find a better offer, we are always happy to make a deal.

Last updated: 01/05/2021

Please, create a feature request or just leave us a message in the chat about what you are looking for. We will make sure your needs are addressed.

Last updated: 25/05/2023

It is incredibly easy to use Localazy if you follow common practices when it comes to string management. However, feel free to leave us a message anytime, our team is available online to help you proceed. Or just send an invite to your favourite developer 😃

Last updated: 20/07/2022

Our pricing is ready for growing apps. If you are already big, kindly contact us for special deals. We will arrange a plan together. Otherwise, Localazy is well-known for savings by migration. Once you move on, you will not regret your decision.

Last updated: 08/12/2022

Yes, absolutely. You can have multiple files in different folders uploaded to the same project.

You can include files by their exact path or by using standard path wildcards ? (single character), * (anything except path separator), ** (anything including path separators).

You can control files you want to upload with exclusion rules and conditions.


"upload": {
    "type": "json",
    "files": "modules/**/en.json"

The above configuration will scan for files named en.json in all subfolders of the modules folder.

Last updated: 11/12/2023

Localazy offers all core localization features for free, and we don’t limit the number of languages or translations you can create.

Localazy integrates seamlessly with your workflow and will operate almost fully automatically for you once you set it up.

Enjoy fully featured translation management platform for a lower price or allow Localazy to translate your project for you with the True Continuous Localization service.

Last updated: 01/11/2021

Localazy offers essential localization features not all available in Stringify, extensive integration options and file formats, rich documentation, and on top of that, a more powerful CLI tool that will become your best friend as a developer.

Choose Localazy and enjoy continuous and automatic localization with affordable advanced features not seen elsewhere.

Last updated: 20/09/2021

Localazy supports a wide variety of file formats and i18n frameworks and i18next is no exception.

Localize any i18next project and enjoy true continuous localization experience with Localazy.

Last updated: 20/09/2021

Localazy supports not only i18next but also many other integrations.

Localazy doesn’t limit the number of seats and offers all core translation management features, including a translation glossary, intelligent translation memory (InTM), proactive review process, and more!

Localazy also offers a continuous localization service and translates your projects for you automagically. Start for free and scale with your project.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Last updated: 20/09/2021

In our customer’s experience, POEditor offers poor GitHub integration and no real support for Flutter’s ARB files for overpriced rates.

Our users who switched from POEditor reported that Localazy offers far better CI/CD options, great UI for translators, and stellar customer support when compared to POEditor.

Last updated: 20/09/2021

Max is our customer, who was previously using Phrase for translation management. What made him and his team switch to Localazy?

“We required a developer friendly localization service that also didn’t charge 100s $ per month, as we only used it when new features are developed and not on a daily basis.”

  • Max K.
Last updated: 20/09/2021

Our users who switched from Localize·‎io have reported that the Localazy Free Tier provides greater value than the paid Starter plan on Localize·io. They consider the pricing of Localize·io unfair and recommend switching to Localazy for your translation management needs.

“We considered Localize·io, but they seem to be optimized only for mobile apps instead of web apps. Their pricing by MAUs also doesn’t make sense for us because our merchants attract a high number of low-value visitors.”

Last updated: 01/11/2021

Compared to Transifex, getting started with Localazy is reportedly more accessible and affordable. The Basic tier of Transifex begins at $70 per month, and it doesn’t even unlock some essential features such as a Glossary, Source editing, and Visual Context.

Compare it with the Localazy Autopilot plan, which offers many more features at a friendlier price point.

Still not convinced? Imagine this: Transifex will count 500 words in 10 languages as 5000 words. The pricing per source key at Localazy allows you to scale the number of languages infinitely. We count only the number of source keys toward your limit.

Last updated: 12/05/2022

The outdated user interface of OneSkyApp, slow performance, and high loading times are among the most prevalent reasons for switching that users who started using Localazy reported:

“Localazy has a fast website compared to OneSky.” - Vladislav, Software developer

“UX & poor performance of OneSkyApp made us look elsewhere.” - Dmitry, Software developer

“OneSkyApp UI was too cumbersome, unreliable, and slow.” - Manas, Independent app developer

Last updated: 24/05/2022

Localazy helps me create a friendly environment for my translation team.

"As the Scaleway dashboard engineering manager, I use Localazy to create a friendly environment for me and my translation team. If I have to recommend a tool to handle translations, I will talk about Localazy for sure!"

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Alexandre Philibeaux Engineering Manager
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Well designed tool with many features!

"We operate multiple complex websites with many languages. Before we switched to Localazy, managing and keeping all dictionaries up-to-date was pure hell. We can now easily review, manage, and keep all dictionaries up-to-date whenever we add or modify any functionality."

User avatar
Filip Kotora CTO RAILVIS
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Very powerful translation system with affordable cost!

"We looked for a solution that can cover several use cases across our project, and Localazy is a clear winner. Thanks to CLI tools, git and branching, and features, we could integrate Localazy with GitHub Actions for automated documentation translation delivery."

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Yuriy Andamasov CEO VyOS Inc
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Localazy greatly simplified the translation flow!

"We would recommend Localazy very much, especially for businesses with their own translation teams. It greatly simplified the translation flow."

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Adéla Flejšarová IT Project Manager at Mixit
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Localazy helped us streamline the localization process for 27 languages!

"Localazy has significantly streamlined our localization process, making it more efficient and organized. The ease of collaboration and the clear tracking of translation progress have been instrumental in improving our workflow."

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Manuel Radenkovic Managing Director of Behires Services GmbH
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Our developers love the set-and-forget philosophy of Localazy!

"Localazy is a really user-friendly platform. We enjoy combining our in-house people, automated professional translations, and crowdsourcing the translations from the community in one project without too much management needed to make everything work."

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Lukáš Tóth Product Manager at Rouvy
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Good pricing, good UI and ultimately does its job.

"I'd recommend Localazy to other peers in my industry. It offers good pricing, has a good UI and ultimately does its job. Being able to find missing translations and easily use machine translations is very smart."

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Lasse Melbye CTO & Co-Founder at Customers 1st
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The customer care is awesome!

"Adding Localazy to our workflow was really easy. We appreciate the simplicity, as well as the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to speed things up. And the customer care is awesome, which we love."

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Mário Roženský CEO of SupportBox
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