Is Localization Worth It? 5 Key Benefits of Having Your App Localized Into Multiple Languages

There are millions of apps in the leading app stores, and you might be missing one aspect to make your app stand out.

There are millions of programs in the leading app stores, and you might be missing one aspect to make your app stand out.

In the field of marketing, it is crucial to know and understand customers’ preferences. This way, you can generate apps that respond to the needs of your target audience. However, geographical locations and cultures can heavily influence consumers. Fortunately, localization software solutions modify your apps to make it more appealing to prospective users.

Localization provides a more in-depth approach than linguistic translation, and this process is an effective marketing strategy for developers. Even a single app developer can craft a globally-known platform through localization. This listicle emphasizes the importance of localization in business sector and shows the advantage that localization can provide to your company.

Active user retention đź”—

Although the number of downloads is essential for every business, developers and owners should also focus on improving the app’s retention rate. This rate refers to the percentage of users who keep using the program after downloading it. If more people keep using your digital product, then there is a higher chance for in-app purchases. Fortunately, one of the benefits of localization is its ability to increase your app’s active users.

Due to this visible advantage, developers must take advantage of localization platforms. For instance, you can subscribe to a localization program that includes a translation software tool. You can then provide an improved customer experience for every user and observe five-star reviews for your app. As a result, prospective consumers can be influenced by high-rated reviews of your digital service. Through localization, you can have a loyal customer base while attracting new users.

Better brand image đź”—

Localization in business offers a better brand image by adapting your program to the local culture of your target audience. This way, you can build rapport with prospective customers and build trust that encourages them to further interact with your company. Through this marketing strategy, you can create a sense of familiarity within your app, which influences people to use your program. Localization programs like Localazy provide a consistent brand image to your customers, so there’s no loss of brand identity. Moreover, they help present apps that align with the preferences of your customers in different locations. Through this process, you can provoke positive emotional reactions from app users. These positive reactions then motivate customers to trust your business and purchase your products and services. With localization tools, you can achieve your app’s sales targets while maintaining a positive brand reputation.

Introduction to new markets đź”—

If you want to expand your company’s market reach, you should consider using localization strategies for your app. When managers ask why is localization important for small businesses, one of the primary responses is its ability to introduce your program to a broader audience. Localization allows you to attract customers from a different geographic location without creating an entirely new platform. The system automatically adjusts some aspects of your app to integrate the consumers’ preferences into your brand.

For example, it is advisable to consider a translation software for your business, especially if you want to offer your app to the international market. This way, prospective customers can clearly understand your app’s contents. Thus, they will continue to use your program and share a good recommendation for your digital product.

More successful advertising campaigns đź”—

Since app users will navigate your program for more extended periods, they will also be exposed to targeted ads. Thus, your business can experience a higher effective cost per mile (eCPM), an important metric in calculating ad campaigns’ success. This way, you can generate more revenue from promotional materials and improve your app’s monetization performance. Aside from improved ad revenue, a localization program also helps increase your app’s return on investment (ROI). For instance, a study by Newzoo showed that this 2020, China is the leading country when it comes to game revenue. Chinese uses Mandarin as their official language, so if your company launches a game app that will be marketed into China, you need to present an app that speaks their primary language. This way, you can encourage more in-app purchases.

Stable global presence đź”—

In an increasingly globalized world, it is essential to introduce your digital products to international markets. Through the benefits of localization in international business, even small companies can successfully launch an app for worldwide use. This way, you can gain a competitive advantage over top competitors and experience foreign investment opportunities. Hence, your brand can achieve a stable global presence, which brings more quality leads to your company and higher sales.

Develop a highly successful app through localization đź”—

You might first think of localization as another worthless expense, but, it offers long-lasting benefits for your brand by providing a good reputation for your company, even in international markets. It also enhances your app’s user retention rate that paves the way for successful ad campaigns and higher sales. Lastly, localization software tools help your brand maintain a stable global presence.

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