📝 Intro: About Affinitweet 🔗

Hi Thomas! Thank you for your time. Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm Thomas, the founder, developer, and designer behind Affinitweet.com, making your Twitter experience more fun and more pro.

Can you tell us more about Affinitweet?

Affinitweet provides exclusive tools and statistics like a relationship manager to view, search, sort, and do actions on your followers & following very easily. You can also manage your welcome messages, get the best time and language to tweet based on your audience, and so on. We have a lot of tools and features like that. 😊

Who are your users?

Literally, every Twitter user can use Affinitweet. We have companies, influencers, and individual people. Each category of users has their favorite feature and use-case for Affinitweet.

Affinitweet Features

How is your product funded? And what are your plans?

I used my savings to set things in motion and grow Affinitweet. I recently launched Affinitweet Pro, a one-time purchase letting customers use more advanced and exclusive tools for their Twitter account. Before that, the only source of income was ads. The plan is to grow and continuously add more professional tools and features. Simple. 😊

What is the unique value proposition that sets you apart from competitors? In which fields are you innovating?

I focus on bringing high-quality services. Each aspect of what I'm developing is carefully designed. I am passionate about the user interface, and I publish nothing until I'm really proud of what I've made: that's why Affinitweet is so different.

What are the biggest risks & challenges for Affinitweet? Aren't you worried about changes in the Twitter API?

Yes, the biggest risk is definitely being dependent 100% on the Twitter API. If something goes wrong, Affinitweet would be unusable. 🙄

And the biggest challenge is to differentiate from all other sketchy websites of our kind. Affinitweet is an entertainment platform first, and many people have a bad vision of these apps because they mostly abuse the permissions to post and follow without the user's consent.

But we're doing well! 🥰 We have super Trustpilot reviews, a big Twitter community, and try to be as transparent and excellent as possible in every domain (Helpdesk, design, support...).

💎 Motivation and backstory 🔗

If you could start again with Affinitweet, would you do anything differently from today’s perspective?

Nothing, because how it has been developed is what brought me here today, seven years later. I don't think I would have learned so much if I had done things differently.

Wow, 7 years! 😲 Can you tell us the story behind Affinitweet? What was the starting point, and how did your visions change during the years?

I created Affinitweet just for fun because, at the time, these kinds of games like Top Friends, etc., were trendy on Facebook. Fortunately, there was nothing like this for Twitter, so I created it.

The success was immediate. The Top Friends feature (best Twitter accounts you’re interacting with) was very popular and launched Affinitweet with thousands of users the first day 🥳 and much more after that.

Year after year, I completely redesigned the platform and made it more professional to help companies and influencers who want to see more important analytic data about their account.

What is the main driver that motivates you to keep going on your business ventures?

I don't know if I have a driver, but I love the way people can think of something, talk about it, and then just develop it and release it. It's even easier today with the internet, where if we have some skills, we can put our ideas online for everyone to access them with a simple URL.

Motivation comes and goes. It depends on... I haven't found out what it depends on yet... but I hope I'll find it one day! I think that my motivation is strong today.

🕹️ Favorite tools 🔗

Would you like to highlight some services or products you really like to use on your own?

NuxtJS is very nice to develop websites quickly, and Tailwind CSS is great for designing wonderful interfaces. I also love using Height(.app) to manage my tasks and focus.

We can agree on Nuxt being a wonderful framework, as we are happy Nuxters here as well 😁 Learn How to use Nuxt i18n & Localazy for your Nuxt project localization

What is your motivation for localization? Why did you choose Localazy?

I want to bring Affinitweet to more countries and reduce the language barrier. I chose Localazy for its simplicity and customer support that helped me to set up my project with eight existing locales in minutes.

My favorite feature is Localazy CLI because I can update all my translations with two words: localazy download.

Haha, yeah, that about sums up the CLI experience.

Thank you, Thomas, for sharing your story with us! We wish you success with Affinitweet, and we are happy to help you expand to more markets with less hassle. 😊

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