Flutter Engage Recap

Hi everyone! On March 3rd, 2021 Google organized an event which name is Flutter Engage! The Flutter team had a great show again. It was a sensational event that showed the power and future of Flutter. I’m very excited to use these Flutter improvements in my projects.

Flutter Engage Recap

What’s New in Flutter 2

Flutter web and Null Safety move to stable, Flutter desktop moves to beta and so much more!

What’s New in Flutter 2.0

A dank way to navigate.

yeet 0.0.3 | Flutter Package

Announcing Zapp! EAP: Build Dart & Flutter apps in the browser!

Today at Invertase we’re super excited to announce that a project we’ve been working on will soon be ready for Early Access Preview. Zapp! allows developers to code and run Dart & Flutter projects directly within a browser without the need for a local development environment.

Announcing Zapp! EAP: Build Dart & Flutter apps in the browser! | Invertase


Jiffy is a Flutter (Android, IOS and Web) date time package inspired by momentjs for parsing, manipulating, querying and formatting dates

jiffy | Dart Package

Fruit Ninja with Flutter!

Learn how to make this awesome game with a few simple steps in Flutter.


Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up — A Flutter AR Experience

Combining the latest in augmented and mixed reality, Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up, is an all new epic adventure built in Flutter in which fans are able to experience and interact with the story as it unfolds over time. Hear from their developers how they leveraged the power of Flutter working with Unity to rapidly prototype and launch this engaging experience using the best of both technologies.

Make Anything in Flutter using RenderObjects

RenderObjects gives you the power to create anything in Flutter. Learning this you will get a deeper understanding and also a feeling that you can accomplish anything 👏

Flutter Plasma

This demo shows the capabilities of Flutter in the web.

Flutter Plasma

Resources Absolutely Needed to Learn Flutter in 2021

Last year I became aware that cross-platform app development is steadily on the rise. Since then I’ve been learning Flutter & Dart. I’ve gone through enough platforms to know what helps and what doesn’t, and I’ve compiled a short list for all you beginners out there.

Resources Absolutely Needed to Learn Flutter in 2021

Qwtch to Flwtch: Porting Cwtch’s Go/Qt Frontend to Go/Flutter

Welcome to Discreet Log! A fortnightly technical development blog to provide an in-depth look into the research, projects and tools that we work on at Open Privacy. For our second post Erinn Atwater documents the development of a new Flutter-based UI for Cwtch.

Discreet Log #2: Qwtch to Flwtch: Porting Cwtch’s Go/Qt Frontend to Go/Flutter

So You Want Social Login (OAuth 2.0) With Flutter…

The goal was simple: create something that makes authentication with OAuth 2.0 as simple as possible in Flutter. After building this functionality into my app, I decided to pull it into its own package and share it with the community. The beauty of open source.

  • by Emmanuel Olaojo

So You Want Social Login (OAuth 2.0) With Flutter…

Flutter: An Easy and Pragmatic Approach to Navigator 2.0

During the second half of 2020, the Flutter team introduced a revamped navigation and routing system called Navigator 2.0. The reception by the developer community has not been great so far: principal criticisms regard the API complexity and the absence of an extra abstraction layer for common scenarios.

  • by Marco Muccinelli

Flutter: An Easy and Pragmatic Approach to Navigator 2.0

AWS Amplify Flutter Integration

I created an example of how to configure an AWS account with your Flutter app. Next steps I will create documentation for Auth, Storage, and Analytics using AWS Amplify step by step.


Flutter Tasks

This Flutter app is a rough clone of an earlier version of the Google Tasks application.

And I know it all lives in one file that is way too long, but this is just a demo.



Mock library for Dart inspired by mockito.

Mocktail focuses on providing a familiar, simple API for creating mocks in Dart (with null-safety) without the need for manual mocks or code generation.

mocktail | Dart Package


A Flutter implementation of DialogFlow, improved. Build your integrations with DialogFlow easier and faster.

dialog_flowtter 0.3.0-nullsafety.0 | Flutter Package

Flutter Folio

A multi-platform app that feels great on every device

Flutter Folio Showcase


A simple paginated framework for implementing calendar based interfaces.

paged_vertical_calendar | Flutter Package


Lets you use a serializable style/style map to make responsive and animatable widgets.

responsive_styled_widget 0.0.3 | Flutter Package

Eric Windmill — Flutter 101 Podcast

In this episode, talked to Eric Windmill. Eric is the author of Flutter by Example, and Flutter in Action (Manning).

Flutter by Example with Eric Windmill | Flutter 101 Podcast


This Flutter package provides a Avatar Glow Widget with cool background glowing animation.

avatar_glow | Flutter Package


flutter_command is a way to manage your state based on ValueListenable and the Command design pattern. Sounds scary uh? Ok lets try it a different way. A Command is an object that wraps a function that can be executed by calling the command, therefore decoupling your UI from the wrapped function.

flutter_command | Flutter Package

Number Ticker

Number_ticker is a dart package that provides a Robinhood-like number ticker widget for displaying changing number.

number_ticker | Flutter Package

Chris Sells | It’s All Widgets! Podcast

Before joining Google, Chris was a contributing member of the Windows developer community for more than 20 years, including 3 years at Intel and 8 years at Microsoft. He’s written a number of books in this area and still maintains a blog that he started in 1995 about his various technical adventures, although he’s more active on Twitter these days. At Google, Chris is the Product Manager responsible for the Flutter developer experience.

Chris Sells | It’s All Widgets!

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