How to open RESX files?

To open RESX files, you can use any text/code editor that supports the format (such as Microsoft Visual Studio and its extension called ResX Resource Manager), use online services, or upload it to Localazy - the online translation management system.

Localazy offers a clutter-free way to browse, edit and manage localization files of many formats, including RESX.

To open RESX files using the Localazy interface, do the following;

  1. Sign up for free
  2. Create a translation project
  3. Upload your RESX file (via file upload or use the Localazy CLI)
  4. Browse the strings inside, translate your RESX file to another language, and more…

Learn how Localazy works in the Getting Started Guide.

Learn more about Localazy integrations.

Resources 🔗

CLI: RESX File Format CLI Quick Start - RESX