Join our Affiliate Program

Join the Localazy Affiliate program and get rewarded a commission for each sale.

Please help us make Localazy the best translation management and continuous localization platform on the market. We are opening a new Localazy Affiliate Program for our users.

Share our content, promote Localazy on your outlets, and get a 20% commission for each sale for six months.

πŸ™‹ How do I join the program? πŸ”—

There are some prerequisites and conditions to join the program.

  • You know how Localazy works
  • You have to agree to our Terms of Service

πŸ€” How does the reward system work? πŸ”—

  1. You promote Localazy to your audience and attach links with your affiliate code.
  2. To help you bring conversions, your affiliated users get a 10% discount for six months of Localazy plans.
  3. For each first purchase made with your affiliate link, you get a 20% commission for the length of 6 months. E.g., Localazy Autopilot for 1 year with a 20% discount is $392, which means you receive $78.Β If an affiliated user purchases a plan with monthly renewal, you will be receiving commission for 6 subsequent months.
  4. You can withdraw funds above USD 100 after 30 days of purchase; we will send funds to your PayPal account upon request to [email protected]

Tip: Promote annual plans to get a higher commission!

πŸ“’ Allowed Affiliate code usage πŸ”—

  • Direct messages and word-of-mouth.
  • Listings.
  • A co-branded email campaign or newsletter.
  • Blog posts.
  • Mentions in how-to articles and documentation.
  • Social media endorsement.
  • Webinars or virtual events.
  • Podcasts.
  • Case studies.
  • Video content posted on your public YouTube channel.
  • Joint PR campaigns.

β›” Disallowed Affiliate code usage

You will receive a rich bundle of marketing collateral materials, and our content and partnerships manager will be available for consultations.

πŸ“œ Terms & Conditions of affiliate program πŸ”—

  • We store visitor cookies for 60 days
  • Registered visitors have 365 days to purchase their plan
  • We reserve the right to review purchases and utilize a 14-day period to process and release the reward
  • We will notify you about new rewards in the notification center
  • There are no refunds
  • The reward is awarded only AFTER the invoice has been paid + 30 days (fraud & refund protection)
  • The reward is granted only for the first purchase of a Localazy plan

πŸš€ Are you interested? πŸ”—

Apply for the Affiliate program now!

  1. Register your account at Localazy
  2. Create a new organization and fill in your business details
  3. Fill in this Affiliate entry form

Campaign resources are available.