Localazy is a leading translation management and continuous localization platform on the market. Join Localazy Affiliate Program. Share our content, promote Localazy, and get a 20% commission for each recurring plan sale for 12 months.

🙋 How do I join the program? #️⃣

There are some prerequisites and conditions to join the program.

😊 Who can join? #️⃣

All people who care about business internationalization, expansion, software development, growth marketing can join and are welcome. There are some common patterns tho who is most likely to benefit the most from Localazy Affiliate:

Software Development Agencies #️⃣

Many of our most satisfied users are software development teams and agencies who use Localazy on behalf of their clients to develop multilingual software products and digital experiences. The conversion rate is huge and can make you a nice income stream. For the most productive affiliates we have different terms of cooperation.

Creative & Digital Agencies #️⃣

Every creative or digital agency will sooner or later receive a RFP to deliver a multilingual experience to their clients. Better to be prepared. Additionally, you can use our expert contents on your own blog to offer an added value to your customers. All you need is to start talking about impact of language localization on their business and we will help you deliver.

Software developers & influencers #️⃣

Even one-man-show software developers and infuencers can join our program and create a steady income stream with Localazy. We are opening new opportunities every now and then! You can try Localazy on your own, write a tutorial about how you implemented Localazy into your favorite tech stack and get paid for it. On top of that, you will be able to use your own affiliate code to generate steady income from your work.

Marketing Influencers #️⃣

Is your audience full of marketers hungry for growth? There are not many similar opportunities like language localization to improve bottom line of their businesses. Youcan easily use our expert content or just share the content via your media outlets to provide a sound advice & get some reward for your time speding with us.

Localazy Users #️⃣

You know the value already and if you have already visited our community center, you know there are many opportunities how we can cooperate. Actually, we kindly ask you to contact us if you are our user, but not an affiliate partner yet. Our marketing team will make sure you get the most out of Localazy.

Are there any pre-requisities to join? #️⃣

As much as we are open to fresh affiliate marketers, we still must keep the quality of our affiliate partners at some level. For that reason, we can deny your application if we believe it could hurt our current partners or our brand.

There are some common pros&cons patterns we count in: #️⃣

  • domain authority, trust flow, topic flow, spam score
  • Ad units saturation & fair advertising
  • Topic relevancy
  • Site up-to-date
  • Visual standards - working & clean images, proper typesetting, use of color…

🤔 How does the reward system work? #️⃣

  1. You promote Localazy to your audience and attach links with your affiliate code.
  2. Your affiliated users get a 10% discount for six months of Localazy plans.
  3. For each first purchase made with your affiliate link, you get a 20% commission for the length of 12 months.
  4. You can withdraw funds above USD 10 after 30 days of purchase; we will send funds to your PayPal account upon request to [email protected]

Tip: Promote annual plans to get a higher commission!

📢 Samples of how you can collaborate on Localazy Affiliate #️⃣

  • Direct messages and word-of-mouth.
  • Listings.
  • A co-branded email campaign or newsletter.
  • Blog posts.
  • Mentions in how-to articles and documentation.
  • Social media endorsement.
  • Webinars or virtual events.
  • Podcasts.
  • Case studies.
  • Video content posted on your public YouTube channel.
  • Joint PR campaigns.

You will receive a rich bundle of marketing collateral materials, and our partnerships manager will be available for consultations.

🚀 Are you interested? #️⃣

Apply for the Affiliate program now!

  1. Register your account at Localazy
  2. Create a new organization and fill in your business details
  3. Fill in this Affiliate entry form

Once you apply, you will receive access to an ever-growing campaign resources bank.