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Localazy is a community of app makers, software professionals, and translators getting together around discovering and exploring the world of multilingual software development & content management. We are so happy to see that you are interested in taking an active part in the quest to empower growth worldwide.

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  • Software development,
  • app and software marketing,
  • monetization,
  • growth hacking,
  • frontend, backend, DevOps,
  • localization, internationalization,
  • Localazy review / tutorial

Your article can be anything, below is a list of some titles to get you inspired:

  • “[Platform-specific] tutorial on localization with Localazy integration”
  • “Ten tips and tricks to get more users in a [particular foreign market] with the power of localization” - “How [name] managed to add [X] languages in 2 weeks with Localazy”
  • “Comparison of top 10 localization tools”
  • “Top 5 features of Localazy translation management”

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