🔗 Connected projects and glossary 🔗

Dreams come true with Localazy, connected projects are up and running! Create as many projects as you need in Localazy and connect them to save a tremendous amount of time on translations. Manage your apps on different platforms as one project and distribute translations across all platforms in your stack.

Learn more about the Connected Projects feature.

🔍 Ability to search in “path” and group phrases 🔗

Search phrases

Navigate through the structure and find strings specific to specified paths and/or groups. If the default translation game is not the right fit for your specific needs, just use search and focus on specific paths to be translated. Comes handy, huh?

📊 Prioritize translations by number of speakers 🔗

Not sure about which languages to choose as a priority? Soon we will come up with suggestions. For now, you can see a number of speakers for a particular language. You are welcome 😉

🏪 Introducing Localazy Marketplace 🔗

Localazy Marketplace

Our journey towards a transparent, simple and especially fair approach to pricing continues. We have been working on the business model to stay for a long time and made an extra effort to keep Localazy within your budget.

Why Localazy Marketplace? What are the motivations and differences from other services on the market? Read our blogpost on Why and how we built Localazy Marketplace?

Rest assured, current users will not be affected. It is quite the opposite! We do our best to be the most affordable i18n & l10n tool on the market.

💸 Referral system 🔗

Share Localazy with your peers and increase your free string quota plus get $50 for every 5 activated apps referred by your link.

🗃️ From the backlog 🔗

  • Fixed LOC-1163 Update security keys UI
  • Fixed LOC-1303 Fix email verification flow
  • Fixed LOC-1502 Update notification wording for save translation success
  • Fixed LOC-265 Change app source language to another one
  • Fixed LOC-1499 Don’t create a new version if there’s no change in translation
  • Fixed LOC-1513 Fix plurals for languages without CLDR rules

🤗 Localazy supports Mobile Developer’s Café 🔗

We are proud to support MDC, a weekly digest for mobile app developers by our user Iran Sanjith.

Are you an author and you have something to share? Contact Jakub on our Discord server.

♨️ Read it while it is hot on the blog 🔗

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