When somebody considering app localization begins to explore the market for a viable software localization tool, they will find out that it is a daunting task. Which localization tool is the best fit for your needs? Not only price, but also functionality and flexibility influence the decision making.

Been there, tried it. Our founder Václav Hodek was one of you and decided to resolve this painful issue for all the developers worldwide. A single developer with an own pet project which outgrew into a full-time job that consumed a lot of scarce resources, yet generated revenue interesting enough to continue.

Why pay for clutter or strings sitting somewhere in the database? 🔗

Václav was not entirely happy with paying monthly fees for phrase management or paying extra money for core features hidden in a clutter of unnecessary features. On the other side, he spent thousands for human-powered translations and managed to make his app available in 30 languages.

Every developer will ask - Why shall I pay for storing my data somewhere, its just a database. Yes, you are right. It is “easy” money. Until you realize there is a heavy load of sophistication behind it. Still, Václav was ready to provide a solution.

Localazy was born to make software localization accessible to all developers who want to increase their productivity at a shoestring budget.

Why opt for marketplace and not for tiered packages? 🔗

We spoke with various people, ranging from single developers to corporates, and all of them told us one thing - our current localization providers punish us for success. Here or there, our vendors play with mixes of limits to force us into higher tiers of recurring payments, but the vendor lock-in is a real thing here. It is easier to pay the incendiary instead of switching.

Localazy Marketplace is divided into three main pillars to keep the costs well within your budget and to make your every penny worth. Each app is different, hence Localazy offers marketplace so you can make your selections á la carte.

What is your pricing structure? 🔗

Permanent add-ons for lifetime value 🔗

Buy once and use it forever.

Exmaple of the permanent addon value

When your app grows in localizable source lang phrases and you need to increase your quota, you can do so by the one-time permanent increase. Pay once, use it forever.

Prepaid services for continuous consumption 🔗

Demand-based purchase. Buy consumable credits as you wish and refill your reserves when you are close to depletion.

Sample of prepaid service

Localazy features such as CDN/OTA delivery or virtual contributor are paid on a prepaid basis. It is like coffee. If you drink coffee once a week, a few beans are enough. If you need more, we will ship you a package big enough to keep you happy. No worries, credits do not expire.

One-year availability for professional feature add-ons 🔗

Professional feature add-ons priced as low as possible paid upfront for one year. We do not force you to renew. Get the job done and stop paying for add-ons you no longer need.

Sample of professional feature add-on

While all core localization features are for free, you might be interested in some professional add-ons to improve your productivity further. Choose the add-on of your preference and use it. Whether you need advanced reporting or webhooks, get it today and use it for one year at a fixed price. Each purchase allows us to keep professional add-ons in great shape and to improve them all the time.

Is Localazy still free to use? 🔗

All essential localization features a developer might need are always free with Localazy and you can use Localazy for free with apps under a certain limit of source language phrases. Localazy is free to use especially for growing apps. If your app is opensourced, for educational purposes, serves for nature preservation or solves other social or environmental issues, please contact us for a special offering.

The best offer on the market 🔗

Do you believe our pricing is not a fit for your situation? Can you imagine paying less for the same level of service with another software localization provider? Hunt it down and kindly let us know. We will make sure you get a better offer at Localazy to help us fine-tune our pricing. Your satisfaction is our mission.

What you can now enjoy in Marketplace and what is coming? 🔗

  • Virtual contributor
  • Connected projects
  • Webhooks
  • OTA updates
  • Send us a coffee

Coming soon 🔗

  • CDN delivery
  • Slack integration
  • Donate a project translation
  • Grammar check

So, what can purchase in Localazy? 🔗

Take a look on your own, visit Localazy Marketplace! Hurry up and see if you already have a credit allocated to try Localazy Marketplace add-ons. Go there and see how much is on us for a celebration.

Do you think you might be interested in being a licensed add-on vendor once we open marketplace to external providers? Register your business seat today at €750 to get invited as a vendor in advance.

💸 Join referral program and receive credits 🔗

Celebrate together, help us to rocket launch Localazy for developers worldwide and get your share of success. In the marketplace, you will find an offer to copy your referral code you can use to increase your source lang strings and receive extra credits to purchase add-ons.