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Score Counter



Have you ever played a game where you needed to write down points for each player and perhaps count them up right away? And had trouble finding pen and paper at the same time? Score Counter can replace paper, pen and even a calculator if you are rusty in Math. The only thing you need to do is creating a new game, adding players with one tap, optionaly set some game parameters and type in points during the game. That’s it, the app handles the rest for you. Notice: I looked on reviews and you want to edit scores. Yes you can! Just click and hold on score you want to edit. Features: Adding/editing players History of all games played with search and game status filter (still playing/ finished) Ending the game automatically with preset parameters Current game leaderboard Continue a previously started game with one tap Intuitive UI XLS and CSV export No more looking for paper and pen! Round number’s (optional)
User Role Languages
ActiveRed Official Translator th
Albar Translator id
Alexander Nagel Translator de
Arthur Ter-Grigoryan Translator hy
Chester Translator zh_TW#Hant
Daniel Newell Translator es
Denis Loshkarev Translator ru
DiegoC281 Translator es
Dániel Bor Translator hu
FinishedLife Translator ru_RU
Florin Hajnal Translator ro
Gergő Kováts Translator hu
Gianluigi Berrone Translator it
Jakub Dubec Translator ru sk cs
Jay Pareek Translator hi
John Doe Translator cs
Krzysztof Karczewski Translator pl
Leni Kirilov Translator bg
Loannys 1901 Translator es
Marc van Glabbeek Translator nl
Marcel de Haan Translator nl
Markus Schlevogt Translator de
Martin Váňa Owner cs de es sk it pl hu nl fr
Oleksandr Albul Translator uk
Pedro Sanz Translator es
Riski Saputra Translator id
Sandi Swalow Translator id
Takapes Translator fr_FR
Thbl Translator fr_FR
Tom de Wind Translator nl
Tuğrul Tınkılıç Translator tr
Vojtěch Málek Translator cs sk
World Hitter Translator el
cyril henique Translator fr_FR
البراء Bq Translator ar