What is the best free translation software?

There are plenty of tools that will accurately translate texts from one language to another. The choice of software depends on your specific needs. If you’re a translator, a business owner, a writer, or just want to brush up on your foreign words, then you’ll want to know about the best free translation software available.

If you’re looking for some basic translation for free, you might want to consider machine translation (MT). One-off machine translation tools will help you translate texts by using free online translators such as Google Translate, DeepL Translator, Yandex Translate, etc. These tools provide a simple interface for writing your texts to be translated into the selected language. Individuals often use these tools to translate basic information on websites, e-mail communication with customers abroad, etc.

Interpreter apps can translate spoken sentences in real-time, pairing text-to-speech solutions and machine translation. Voice translator apps are typically free but may also have the option of paying for unlimited translation services. These services include Google Translate, iTranslate Voice 3, Microsoft Translator, etc.

If you’re looking to translate your documents, website, or mobile apps into other languages, you might like to consider computer-aided translation tools and translation management systems. CAT tools and TMS allow translators to work with and through a computer and provide them with various tools and resources to aid in their translation process. This approach saves time, reduces errors, and is safer than relying only on technology or only on humans.

Localazy combines a TMS and CAT tool in one suite and offers a generous free plan. With Localazy, you get unlimited words, unlimited projects, the ability to add unlimited contributors, and whatnot. You can start immediately by signing up or reading our Getting Started guide in the documentation.

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