Professional Translation

Professional Translation is the process in which a professional human linguist translates a project into another language/s while following provided context cues and getting help from assistive technologies.

In Professional Translation, translators translate the materials provided using tools as glossaries, style guides, translation notes and context screenshots. These translations are automatically approved and ready to be used in the project as soon as they are produced. However, they can be professionally proofread to ensure its quality using Professional Proofreading services.

Localazy’s Professional Translation services are recommended for:

  • Consumer-facing projects or apps of any size intended for the general public.
  • Specialized applications and games.

In the case of legal, medical, science and manufacturing applications or highly specialized niche-targeted products, it’s advised to contact us first to discuss your requirements, as Localazy chooses the translator or team of translators that will be working in each project.