Professional Proofreading

Professional Proofreading is a process where a human reviewer goes through a series of strings translated by a professional translator to verify their quality.

In Professional Proofreading, reviewers access content that has been translated by professional translators in order to ensure they’re completely mistake-free.

This is a Quality Assurance (QA) service that goes hand-in-hand with Professional Translations. It is not applicable to:

  • Strings pre-translated using Machine Translation - proofreading is done via HAMT.
  • Crowd-sourced translations - proofreading is done via Human Translation Validation.

Localazy’s Professional Proofreading services are recommended for:

  • Projects of all sizes where Professional Translations have been ordered.
  • Existing translations from professionals outside of Localazy that need to be quality-checked.
  • In general, projects where you want to be 99% sure that your translations are going to be perfect.