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Birthday Reminder



With Birthday Reminder you will have a free dedicated app where you can save all your birthdays, all your gift ideas and be able to make your wishes in an original way with dozens of birthday cards and original phrases. Do you prefer to have your birthdays on a list or calendar? With Birthday Reminder you don’t have to choose and in addition everything is organized. Fantastic!
User Role Languages
Erik Paelman Translator nl
Fideos Con Tuco Translator hr
Jakub Dubec Translator cs sk
Jan Bílek Translator cs pl
Kristel EiTea Translator et
Linnea Translator fi_FI
Lukas Toth Translator cs
Mohammad Ayham Kadi Translator sv
Mon Translator pl
Ondřej Půček Translator cs es
Paoll Translator hi
Prasanta-Hembram Translator sat_IN#Olck sat
Sergey Chuprin Translator ru
Teo Coding Owner cs de fr it pt es sv ko nl hi fi ru ja ro zh_CN#Hans id th pl uk ig_NG tr hu vi ne ar sk fa hr en_US he af
Václav Hodek Translator cs
kumi Translator es
markkiths Translator th