Upload XLS/XLSX files with strings to Localazy and manage your translations easily. Download translated files back.

1. Install Localazy CLI for your operating system.

2. Create a configuration file localazy.json in the root of your project. You can start with our sample:


  "writeKey": "your-write-key",
  "readKey": "your-read-key",
  "upload": {  
    "type": "excel",
    "features": ["columns=key,content"],
    "files": "translations/strings.xls"         
  "download": {
    "files": "translations/${lang}.xls"

3. Upload the source strings with localazy upload whenever you change them.

4. Download translated files with localazy download before building your app.

Localazy automatically detects old XLS (Microsoft Excel 2003 and below) and newer XLSX (Microsoft Excel 2007+) format and uses the same format for exporting translated files.

You can upload all your existing translations too! Learn more about it.

Localazy CLI is simple to start yet flexible enough for any project. Let’s take the quick tour.