1) Download or install the Localazy CLI. It’s available for all major operating systems, as Java’s JAR and Docker image.

2) Create a configuration script localazy.json that tells the CLI tool what files to upload and how to process downloaded translations.

TIP: JSON Schema is available for smart completion.



  "writeKey": "your-write-key",
  "readKey": "your-read-key",
  "upload": {  
  "download": {

3) Run localazy upload for uploading your strings to the Localazy platform. Do it whenever you change your source language.

4) Run localazy download for downloading translation back to your app. It’s a great idea to make it a part of your build chain.

Note: In this documentation, we always use localazy as the command that should be invoked. However, the command can be different based on your setup (eg. localazy.exe on Windows).

You can upload all your existing translations too! Learn more about it.

Localazy CLI is simple to start yet flexible enough for any project. Let’s take a quick tour.