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Let’s make great things together. Join Localazy Startup Programme.

Let’s grow our companies together! We love to make allies and we are sure tons of startups seek a way how to serve their multilingual audience efficiently.

What is Localazy Startup Programme about? 🔗

Localazy Startup Programme is here to help us build a strong, long-lasting alliance of startups who can support each other. You can still focus on your own startup while leveraging the power of Localazy and our network.

Benefits for the start 🔗

  • Major savings on Localazy Autopilot plan
  • Co-marketing synergies
  • Priority technical support & dedicated setup assistance
  • We are open to integration partnerships

What is Localazy Startup Programme not about? 🔗

This is not a simple discount. We require a one-year commitment to the cooperation. You invest a financial amount that even a single head startup can afford to express your commitment. We express our commitment by providing you with the specially priced plan not available elsewhere. On top of that, we can build strong & long-term relationship.

All you need to get started 🔗

  1. Kindly complete the startup programme application form.
  2. Create your account at with the same email used in the form.
  3. We will review your application and get back to you.
  4. If approved, you will receive a special link to purchase an annualy billed Autopilot plan with rapid discount, available for one year.
  5. Once you puchase, you will be contacted again to get started with ongoing opportunities.

Don’t you have enough funds to buy the dip? Visit our community centre and pick an optionable to fundraise for yourself.