Setting up a simple Slack notification when a new comment is added is possible by using this Zap template. But when you don't want to bother, e.g., German translators with Polish-related comments and vice-versa, some additional steps are needed. So I'm going to tell you how to do it using the Zapier integration by Localazy and the Paths by Zapier.

Before you start, we recommend reading the previous article to learn how the integration with Zapier works:

➡️ Enhance your localization workflow with Zapier & Localazy

1️⃣ Add the Trigger and Conditional Paths 🔗

Thanks to Paths, you can create conditions in your Zap workflows.

Search for the Localazy App and connect your Localazy account to select a project where you want to monitor the new comments. Set up the Localazy comment added Trigger. Then, search for and add the Paths by Zapier Action.

We'll create two conditional paths - one for German translators and the other one for Polish.

Using Paths by Zapier Action

Set up your DE path so it will continue only if the Comment locale field exactly matches de.

Setup of the Send notification to DE translators path

Do a similar thing with the Send notification to PL translators path.

Setup of the Send notification to PL translators path

You can always find a locale code in the project languages overview table next to its name in Localazy.

Project languages overview Table

2️⃣ Setup Slack Action 🔗

If you don't already have the channels in Slack created, create two channels - one for each group of translators and invite them into the respective channels. Then set up the Send Channel Message in Slack Action.

Assuming that the members of the #zapier_testing_de_translators channel are only German translators, when adding a comment in Localazy, you achieve exactly what we want - as shown in the animation below.

Notify only translators related to the language

You could also set your action so that it sends a DM to each of the translators instead of sending it to the channels. And that's it! Now your translators will get notified instantly as new comments are added.

⚡ More Zap Templates 🔗

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✔️ Conclusion 🔗

Zapier allows you to connect thousands of apps with Localazy and create your own automation workflows without using any code. Learn more in the Zapier integration docs.