How do you internationalize an app?

🥳️ You’re nearly at the finalization of your app, getting ready to deploy… but you want to reach an international audience? STOP! Don’t hit any other button before internationalizing your application to include translations for more than one language. How can you do this?

App internationalization is the process of allocating an application’s content into changeable interfaces and variables capable of presenting content in the chosen language with ease. Both iOS and Android app developers must follow similar processes to localize their content. 🚩

During this phase, the content is separated (or externalized) from the code into localizable files, which are then utilized according to the language users choose. Essentially, your app will display texts from external files called through the code. This makes adding new languages to your app simple, programmatically speaking, because you simply need to add new files with translated strings. And this is taken care of by Localazy automatically when you set everything up correctly 😀

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Android app internationalization and localization #️⃣

📱 Your Android app can be ready for foreign markets in just three steps. We’ve made this easy with our state-of-the-art Android integration via our Gradle i18n plugin, making Android localization a breeze. Nothing is left untranslated when you use Localazy. And as a bonus, our users update their translations in Android apps in real-time by using OTA updates.

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iOS app internationalization and localization #️⃣

What about an iOS app? How can you internationalize an iOS application? Apple has crafted a guide for app owners to prepare their app for localization. But basically, all you have to do is export your texts in Xcode, which will create a Localizable.strings file that you can then import to Localazy.

Localazy perfectly accompanies you after the internationalization of your iOS app and provides a localization solution without dealing with tedious file downloading and uploading.

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