What is the difference between hidden and deprecated source keys?

In Localazy, every key can be in different states, which makes it invisible from the translation process.

  • Hidden: Hidden keys are not available to translators, but other than that, they are processed the same way as all the others. They are also exported in the output file.

Keys are automatically marked hidden under certain circumstances - when the source language translation is empty or when they are linked to another one using our Duplicity Linking feature.

  • Deprecated: Deprecated keys are invisible in the translation process and are not exported in the output file. Under certain circumstances, they can be exported for our Android/iOS SDK when the update is required from the older version of the app. If the key reappears in the input data, it’s restored along with its complete state (context, translation, contributors, etc.)

  • Deleted: Deleted keys are removed with all their data - comments, translations, screenshot linking, contributors’ history, etc. Once the key is deleted, it’s no longer counted against the key limit, and it’s impossible to restore it.

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