Zip Files in Languages #️⃣

This search allows the user to select from the project’s files and languages and bundle them into a ZIP file. You can then use this file in the following steps of the Zap.

Input Fields #️⃣

Input fields are calculated dynamically. There are two input lists with multiple selection options enabled.

Help text Type Required Description Key
Bundle files with these languages. list of strings no Contains a list of names of project languages (incl. All choice). Multiple-select allowed. languages
Bundle selected files. list of strings no Contains a list of names of files in the project (incl. All choice). Multiple-select allowed. files

By selecting nothing, there won’t be any ZIP files created.

Selecting the All option will bundle all the available files, languages, or both (depending on the selection). The All preference always has a higher priority than the specified language/file identifier.

Output Fields #️⃣

Label Description Type Key
Current timestamp the timestamp the Zip Files in Languages Search was called number current_timestamp
Zipped files the pointer to a ZIP file (specified by the Input Fields) string zipped_files