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FlutterForce — #Week 105

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- Huge upgrade for your Flutter animations

With the today’s release of Simple Animations 2.5.0 a lot of new features coming to all Flutter developers.

The last months I challenged myself in doing really complex animations and tried to use the existing tooling of the simple_animations package. I figured out, there was some room for improvements. Felix Blaschke


- bloc_rest_api

A flutter package to easily interegrate and manage REST APIs. Now all you need to do is create a model class and all the rest is taken care of. 😃


- BLoC, Provider, & Riverpod Support- Parabeac-Core v1.3

We continue to receive great feedback from the Parabeac Core community on how to make our design to Flutter code converter better. Our community told us that they need the code output to configure with their preferred state management architecture.


- App Bar Deep Dive — Google Podcasts App

In this video we’ll progressively build up the “Explore” page from the Google Podcasts app. The goal is that you understand along the way, why each element in the implementation is necessary to get the AppBar that we’re after.


- date_field

Contains DateTimeField and DateTimeFormField which allows the user to pick a DateTime from an input field! Depending on the mode, it can ask the user the time, the date or both at the same time 😉 !


- Flutter Tutorial — Page Transition — Shared Axis Animation

Let’s create a beautiful shared axis transition animation for pages & widgets in Flutter.


- Flutter: How to measure Widgets

One of the trickier things to do in Flutter is to get the size of things.


- floaty_head

One thing that i always love was the simplicity that messenger had using Chatheads.


- How the world’s biggest journaling app uses Flutter to keep their dev team lean

Darius Mora is the Chief Marketing Officer at Reflectly, the world’s largest journaling app. He’s been focused on ASO, free marketing, paid user acquisition, and retention for both Android and iOS apps.


- Ep. 002 — What is Processing? | Flutter Processing

Before we begin porting Processing to Flutter, let’s look at a few Processing examples to understand what it is.


- Wakelock

Wakelock is Flutter plugin that allows you to keep the device screen awake, i.e. prevent the screen from sleeping.


- Flings — A Things-style todo list app written in Flutter

In this series, I’ll be using Flutter to build a production-quality Todo list app.


- Debugging Flutter Apps in the cloud

Sometimes your app behaves badly. In the worst cases, it even can be crashed.

In such a case you need to debug your app. The simplest and most popular way to debug is to look at the application logs. It’s a text output from your app. This output comprises the output of your code (like print() method calls) as well as from the output of libraries you are using. by Myroslava Drobnych


- mailto

Simple Dart package for creating mailto links in your Flutter and Dart apps


- Introducing the Ably Flutter plugin

A Flutter plugin wrapping the ably-cocoa (iOS) and ably-java (Android) client library SDKs for Ably, the realtime data delivery platform.

Ably provides the best infrastructure and APIs to power realtime experiences at scale, delivering billions of realtime messages everyday to millions of end users. We handle the complexity of realtime messaging so you can focus on your code.


- Providing operating system compatibility on a large scale

In this article, Flutter’s core development team (we) want to share why we invest in supporting multiple platforms, how we can keep supporting multiple platforms, and how we make decisions when it comes time to add support for new platforms or drop support for old platforms. by Ray Rischpater, KF6GPE


- Flutter Clean Code | How to structure Widgets in Flutter

In this video I show you how to take an existing codebase with repetitive widgets and refactor it into a more concise and easy to read codebase


- Validating Your Login Form in Flutter

We’ll take a look at validating your authentication form in Flutter using the Authy sample app.


- beamer

Handle your application routing, synchronize it with browser URL and more. Beamer uses the power of Navigator 2.0 features and implements all the underlying logic for you.


- Flutter 101 Podcast

Weekly podcast focusing on software development with Flutter and Dart. Hosted by Vince Varga.


- Micro​benchmarking Dart (Part 1)

In the past few months I have started receiving more and more questions about performance of some specific Dart operations. Here is an example of such a question asked by Romain Rastel in the context of his work on improving performance of ChangeNotifier in Flutter.


- On Device Machine Learning: Train And Run TensorFlow Lite Models In Your Flutter Apps

Build, Train, and Run an Image Classifier Neural Network using Deep Transfer Learning in TensorFlow and Keras by Yashwardhan Deshmukh


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