How to cooperate with an external translation agency when I am using Localazy?

When working with external translators or agencies that are used to their own solution for translating, you may need a few extra features - language statistics and import/export.

You can find both of them in a single place - in our console. As you may already know, the console is our place for features that are relevant to a small subset of our users only and for features that are still being heavily improved over time. We are committed to making Localazy better every single day, so your feedback is welcomed. Feel free to share all your suggestions with us!

Learn more about Language Statistics

Exporting content for use by external tools #️⃣

Some translation agencies are used to work with their own solution. There are numerous reasons for it - e.g., it helps them to calculate rewards for their translators and contractors. We are prepared for it, and you can easily export all your texts or only the untranslated ones as a CSV file, which any agency should easily be able to use.

Please note that we don’t recommend this for a variety of reasons - it adds extra manual work, and you also need to ensure that the agency has all the necessary context information in order to provide a high-quality translation. You wouldn’t need to care about it while using Localazy directly.

However, if there is no other way around it, here are a few simple steps on how to do it:

  • Add the required language to your project
  • Export your project as a CSV file using the Import/Export option in the Console
  • Exchange the file with your translation agency
  • Import the file back to Localazy
  • And that’s it!

Learn more about CSV Import/Export

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