You won’t be able to proceed to other tabs unless you have successfully connected your Intercom account and successfully detected Intercom languages.

Localazy Card #️⃣

Information about the Localazy project.

Open project in Localazy: Link to the connected Localazy project.

User: Localazy user.

Project: Localazy project name.

Remaining organization keys: Number of remaining translation keys.


The integration is restricted by the number of keys available in the project’s organization in Localazy. If the organization is over the limit, translations won’t import. You can upgrade your Localazy plan to a higher tier with more source keys in the Marketplace.

Intercom Card #️⃣

Information about the connected Intercom account. If you haven’t connected your account yet, read Connect Intercom guide on how to do so.

User: Intercom user.

Workspace: Intercom workspace.

Delete authorization: Disconnect Intercom account.


Languages Card #️⃣

List of detected languages in Intercom account and Localazy project.

Green check: Language was detected.

Red cross: Language wasn’t detected.

Green row: Languages were successfully matched and will be exported.

Language present only in Localazy: You should add language in Intercom account.

Language present only in Intercom: You should add language in Localazy project.


Make sure you have the same default language in your Intercom account and Localazy project.

Failed to detect Intercom languages #️⃣

Due to limitations of Intercom API we are unable to detect languages directly. Each language must be present in at least one article to be successfully detected by Localazy. You should read guide on how to prepare your Intercom account.

Languages fail